Hume: Hispanics Still Not Nearly As Important To GOP As White Voters

From this Monday's America's Newsroom on Fox, Brit Hume told host Bill Hemmer that the Republicans shouldn't be worrying about whether voting against an immigration bill will cost them support from Hispanic voters, but doubling down on their old white guy strategy instead:

Study: Racial Wealth Gap Widening

Racial inequality is alive and well. According to a new study, the wealth gap between African-American and white families has tripled in the past quarter century.

Chris Rock's Message For White Voters

Chris Rock with a PSA for any voters who are worried that President Obama might be too black for them. As Rock reminded everyone, President Obama is white and might even be whiter than his opponent, Mitt Romney. h/t Raw Story

Southern Whites Just Not That Into Mitt Romney

It’s only Tuesday, but this week has already packed some punches for Mitt Romney. A new poll found that Southern whites -- long considered one of the linchpins of the Republicans’ so-called Southern strategy -- are bothered by the GOP