Rolling Jubilee

Debt Strangles The 99%

Medical debt is an area of personal debt that no one from outside the United States can even understand. Spanish activists are campaigning against the privitization of their national single-payer health system. They see any payment for medical treatment as the breakdown of a decent society. The idea that people might be driven to bankruptcy by medical debt is literally incomprehensible.

Season's Greetings From Strike Debt: You're Out Of Debt!

What could be better for Christmas than a story of giving? The Village Voice has a blog post on Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee project, sparked by the Occupy movement. And what a wonderful present! Imagine the looks on the faces of the people who

Lee Camp: 'This Is Where Occupy Is Going'

This is your moment of clarity #188: Everybody wants to know where Occupy is heading. Why aren't they getting pepper sprayed on the news anymore?? Here's your answer. Keep fighting, Lee

What Is The Rolling Jubilee?

We need a jubilee, a clean slate, a cancellation of debt for the 99%. The Rolling Jubilee raises money to buy debt. But instead of collecting on the debt we buy, we're going to abolish it. It's time for a bailout of the people, by the

Help Abolish Debt With The People's Bailout

#RollingJubilee begins November 15th with the #PeoplesBailout Buy tickets here: 100% of ticket sales go to abolishing debt Greetings from Strike Debt! It’s finally time to