'Better Call Saul' Premiers Tonight

'Better Call Saul' Premiers Tonight

With great anticipation, fans of "Breaking Bad" have been waiting passionately for "Better Call Saul," the new spinoff series from AMC. The wait is over!
Downton Abbey - Season 4, Episode 1
Image from: BBC

Downton Abbey - Season 4, Episode 1

Downton Abbey - Season 4, Episode 1: Following the deaths of Lady Sybill and Matthew Crowley, Downton Abbey is steeped in mourning. Downton Abbey begins in the US tonight on PBS.

‘House Of Cards’ Spotlights A Whole New Way To Watch TV

The new Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ helps usher in a new viewing experience, even if the series itself falls short as a cutting edge political thiller/satire. It’s bolstered by strong performances from the cast which offset some of

"The Killing" Proves AMC Gives Good TV (again)

HBO, Showtime, TNT, FX and now AMC have reversed the old days of Hollywood, when the movie theater ruled and TV was for those who couldn't hack it with the big boys. With terrific shows like The Wire, The Sopranos, Dexter, The Shield, Breaking

Mike's Blog Roundup

FranIam: That was then, this is now. Maria.Maria: Ann Richards' daughter Cecile, President of Planned Parenthood, speaks at the DNC... Reed writes: