June 10, 2013

(SPOILER ALERT: I will be recapping this episode so don't read on if you haven't seen it yet.)

And so season three comes to an end. It's been an amazing season of Game of Thrones and "Mysha," the tenth and final episode, wraps up plots of old and sets new courses for those vying for the Iron Throne as they pick up the pieces after the Red Wedding.

The Twins

Arya and Sandor Clegane are riding away from the carnage of the Red Wedding massacre when they see a body with a wolf's head attached to it on a horse and the soldiers all around it are yelling, "It's the 'King of the North!'" Robb Stark's body is mounted on that horse and Arya is crushed by this gruesome display of yet another family member being beheaded. Even The Hound was affected by the carnage and he whisks her away.

Later they come upon four soldiers telling stories about the wedding and how they were the ones to mount the wolf head on Robb's body when Arya coldly walks up to them and asks for food because she's hungry. They tell her to f*&k off, but she says she has money and drops the coin that Jaqen H'ghar gave her on the ground. As they look at the unusual currency, Arya takes out a knife and calmly and repeatedly stabs the man who bragged the most until he's a bloody corpse. Clegane then takes care of the other man and asks if this was the first man she killed. She replies with a simple "The first man...." She has a very big hit list.

Kings Landing

Sansa is walking with Tyrion and actually shares a few laughs with her new husband over his plotting to get even with men that openly mock his size. It's the first time Sansa has been smiling in a long time and it was nice to see after last week. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long as she finds out what happened to her mother and brother. Tyrion is called into a meeting with Cersei, Grand Maester Pycelle, King Joffrey, Varys and Tywin Lannister. There he learns of the Red Wedding and the massacre that killed Robb Stark and Lady Catelyn. Joffrey is ecstatic at the news and is demanding Robb's head be sent to him so he can serve it to Sansa at his Royal wedding. Tyrion tells him he can't torture her any longer and as usual, the teenage sociopath freaks out over being talked back to.

Now here's where this segment gets really interesting...Joffrey calls his uncle a little monster and Tyrion replies by telling him that he should fear, monsters since the king's seem to be dying like flies. Joffrey screams "I am the King!," and threatens to punish him. Tywin chimes in saying, "If you have to announce it, then you're no king" and he'll learn that after he wins him his war. Joffrey quickly turns his wrath on his grandfather (the most powerful man in King's Landing) and calls him a coward for hiding in the original war against the mad king that his late father won to take the throne from the Targaryens. Nobody ever talks to Tywin like that, including the King. He contains his own rage as much as he can and then tells him it's bedtime. Cercei takes him away with Pycelle as he shouts he's not tired.

The Notherners will never forget.

Tyrion warns his father that the North will never forgive the Lannisters for their treacherous assassinations of Robb and Catelyn at Edmure Tully's wedding. But Tywin only cares that they fear him and once again pledges to do whatever it takes with the time he has left to protect his family, implying that Tyrion needs to get Sansa pregnant soon. But Tyrion won't rape her to give his father the heir to Winterfell that he craves, and after being thoroughly pissed, asks him this:

"When have you ever done something that wasn't in your interest, but solely for the family?"

Tywin replies, "The day that you were born. I wanted to carry you to the sea and let the waves wash you away, instead I let you live. And brought you up as my son because you're a Lannister."

Ouch, he always relishes in reminding Tyrion how little he thinks of him and how lucky he is that his father didn't kill him after his wife died giving birth to the imp. (See the first episode recap for more on this) Is that some twisted parent version of the Oedipus complex Tywin is suffering from?

Later on, Tyrion and Cercei have a discussion about children and she tells him that the love of her children is what helped her make it through the early years and a child will give Sansa the only happiness she may ever know.

The Night's Watch

Ygritte finds Jon Snow at a watering hole and with arrows drawn, she looks him in the eye ready to pull.

You knew what I am. I have to go back. And when he tells her that he loves her and she loves him so she won't kill him, that last remaining piece of her heart cracks and she shoots him in the back. She rages at him because he gave up their love for, of all things, the Crows. She shoots him two more times and weeps in despair as he rides away.

Sam, GiIly and the baby stumble upon Bran and his merry lot. Bran tells him he's going beyond the wall and Sam warns him that there is only death there. Sam hands them some dragon glass tips to protect them and which he used to kill a White Walker. That's the first zombie king to be killed in thousands of years.

They finally make it back to Castle Black and find Maester Aemon. After hearing their story, he allows Gilly to stay with them for the time being and has Sam write messages for all forty-four messenger crows to be dispatched immediately.

Jon Snow makes it back to the Castle, but he's barely alive.


After having his male anatomy mutilated, Theon Greyjoy begs Ramsay to kill him. But instead, he mocks him with a cooked sausage until he realizes how bad Theon smells from being crucified on a makeshift wooden cross all this time. Ramsay tells him that he simply reeks with body odor. And being the sadist that he is, he decides to rename him as "Reek!" he then beats him until Theon accepts his new name. "I'm Reek!"

Baelon Greyjoy gets a present from Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton's sadistic bastard son in a wooden box. It's Theon's severed male organ with a note telling him to get all his men out of the North or they will face the same outcome. Baelon mocks his son and orders his daughter to throw it away, but she refuses. She's going to gather the deadliest fifty men on the Islands, take a ship and get her brother back from that butcher.


Davos tries to convince Stannis that there must be another way to achieve victory without sacrificing Gendry (his own nephew) to the fire, but he refuses.

What is the life of one bastard boy against a kingdom?

Rebuffed, Davos, who in a way has as strong a moral compass as Robb Stark did, sneaks Gendry out of the dungeon and gives him a row boat to escape in. Stannis is livid after finding out and sentences him to death, but Davos plays his final card to save himself and hands him a message from Maester Aemon. Melisandre reads it and gives Stannis a message that will change the course of their fight with Joffrey.

The war of the five kings means nothing. The truth lies to the north, my lord King. Death marches on the Wall---only you can stop it.

With those words, she spares Davos life because they will need him to rebuild Stannis' army to march to the north.

The Yellow City

Dany and her Unsullied await for the freed people of Yunkai to greet them outside the walls of the city. She's nervous that they won't accept her as their queen, but then the gates open and the entire slave population of the city pours out in front of her. Selmy and Jorah are nervous, fearing they may attack, but then a single word is said out loud by one freed slave "Mysha." It means "mother" in an ancient language and soon every ex-slave is chanting "Mysha" over and over again to her. She then walks out into the mob from Yunkai and is hoisted up as their savior.

Like her dragons before her at the end of season one, Daenerys has once again given birth to a new family.

* After Arya murders her first, she utters the words "Valar Morghulis." In High Valyrian it means "All men must die." How will she fulfill her promises of death to those that have wronged her?

* Lord Varys tries to bribe Shae to get out of King's Landing while she can because he believes Tyrion can lead the people back from the brink of disaster and her love of Tyrion will get them killed. She throws the diamonds at his feet.

*Jamie Lannister finally returns to King's Landing with Brienne and when he finds Cersei, she looks at him with a repulsed bewilderment because of what has happened to him on the road to King's Landing.

* Will she dump him?

* Am I crazy or does The Hound seem to have grown a conscience?

* Will Stannis fight the White Walkers head on before he deals with the Lannisters?

* How far will Tywin go in trying to control King Joffrey?

* What is to become of Reek?

* What will Bran find beyond the Wall?

* Will Mance Rayder's forces defeat the crows of the Knight's Watch in the upcoming attack on The Wall?

* Will Blackfish take his revenge on Walder Frey for killing Robb and Catelyn at the Red Wedding?

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