April 20, 2014

[WARNING: Spoilers Below]

In most TV series that have season-long story arcs, episodes two and three can be very tricky because they have to continue the momentum after the series begins while not giving away too many of the surprises. Last week's stunning 'The Lion And The Rose' set the series off and running with the murder of Joffrey at his wedding so "Breakers of Chains" became one of those transition-type episodes, yet it still has some surprises.

Wheels began to turn as we learn that Lord Baelish is possibly at least one of the men behind King Joffrey's murder and is also plotting to kidnap Sansa away from King's Landing. Littlefinger, who has a hunger for power and the throne, was also madly in love with Catelyn Stark, so it's not surprising that he's taken a liking to her daughter, Sanza. Tywin strikes a bargain with Prince Oberyn so they can both get what they want: revenge against assassins while Tyrion will be put on trial in a fortnight. He was at his best trying to shield Podrick from having his head served up by the forces of the ominous . I read the books a long while ago and I didn't remember Jamie raping Cersie, beside their dead son's body, but I was reminded that didn't actually happen in the books. It was disturbing in too many ways to count and I wonder why the show runners made the change?

And the free folk are on the march and they are eating their victims as they approach Castle Black.

The strongest part of the episode was reserved for Daenerys, or Mysha, if you will. She finally made it to Meereen's pearly gates and delivered a powerful speech to the slaves inhabiting the massive Slaver Trader city. The title of the episode gets its name from the Dragon Queen catapulting barrels of broken chains into the city as she tries to rally the slaves to join her.

Here's a quick recap of what went on:

(And if you need a refresher of last week's episode, 'The Lion And The Rose'.)

Episode three takes place immediately after Joffrey chokes out as Cersie holds him in her arms. She screams at Tyrion:

You did this!

As Cersie and Tywin haul Tyrion to jail, the Lannisters turn their attentions towards Sansa. But Sansa, unknown to the Lannisters, is being led away from the capitol by the fool. Tywin orders the city shut down until they find her, but the fool has a small boat hidden away and rows her out to a much bigger ship. After she boards the boat, she find it's "Littlefinger" who has come to her rescue. When the fool asks for his payment, he gets an arrow in the face for his troubles. He tells her that she's safe with him because she'll be punished as the girl who murdered King Joffrey.

The fool was a carefully planned part of Lord Baelish's plot to abscond Sansa out of King's Landing.

What did I once tell you about the capitol?

We're all liars here.

Margaery asks Olenna if she's still the Queen and she says not really because they hadn't consummated the marriage. She intimates that Tommen will be next up for her.

Cersie is sitting next to Joffrey's body with her younger son Tommen, when Tywin comes in and and gives him a history lesson on what it takes to be a good King since Joffrey wasn't, all the while ignoring Cersie's pain.

Jaime enters and orders everyone out so she could be alone with her grief. Cersie explains to him why Tyrion killed Joffrey and she demands that Jamie kill him to avenge their son. He can't wrap his head around Tyrion being the real murderer, but she arouses Jaime so much he throws her to the ground and rapes her.

Arya is busting the Hound's balls as usual until a farmer and his daughter approach them. They are on his land, so Arya smartly convinces the religious man that they fought for House Tully and he gives them food and shelter in the barn for the coming storm. While eating, he asks Clegane if he'd like to work on with him for a while to help protect his farm and he agrees. He's got some silver hidden away from the bandits. Arya wakes up in the barn and hears the Hound robbing the man of his money and she's infuriated.

You're the worst shit in the seven kingdoms.

Samwell tells Gilly that nobody believes he killed a white walker at Castle Black because only she saw it. And then he tells her he's afraid for her safety with so many men there alone with her. He takes her to Mole's Town, which is close to Castle Black where he thinks she'll be safer than at the castle, but she feels he's just dumping her.

Stannis shows Sir Davos the news that Joffrey is dead, but time is running out for him because he has no gold nor an army, but Davos assures him they'll figure it out. Later Sir Davos goes to see Shireen for his usual reading lessons. By making fun of his mistakes, Shireen gives him an idea. He asks her to draft a letter for Stannis Baratheon to the Iron Bank in Braavos.

Lord Tywin pays a visit to Prince Oberyn at his usual brothel and interrogates him on the death of Joffrey, but what he's really there for is to cut a deal with the Dornish prince to join forces with him to help defeat (not in this order) the Greyjoys, the Wildlings and Danyerys and her dragons when they come to Westeros, not necessarily in that order. In return, he will give him a seat on the council and get him justice for his sister, Elia.

Podrick pays a visit to Tyrion in the dungeon and tells him he has a month before the trial. Mace Tyrell, Tywin and Oberyn will be his judges. Tyrion asks for Sansa and he learns that she's missing. Tyrion realizes that whoever killed Joffrey wanted to pin it on him and having Sansa disappear only makes him look more guilty. Podrick tells him he was approached by a man that would make him Sir Podrick Payne if he testified against him. Tyrion orders him to get his brother to see him and then run out of the city before he's killed too.

Ygritte, Tormund and Thenns attack a small village killing everybody they can and capturing a young boy. A Thenn tells him that he's going to eat his momma and poppa and he should run to Castle Black and tell them all about it.

Castle Black finds out about the raid and the men are upset and want to take action, but Alister Thorne says they shouldn't be fooled. Maester Aemon cautions against also since they only have a hundred men total at the castle.

We need to shore up Castle Black and defend the Wall. That is our job.

A few Rangers return to the castle in bad shape. They were captured by the crows that mutinied at Craster's, led by Karl. Jon Snow told Mance that there were a thousand crows at the Castle and he now realizes that Karl and the others will blow that cover and with this knowledge, Mance will blow past them and reap death and destruction for over a thousand miles unobstructed. They have to go to Craster's and end it there.

Daenerys marches her forces to the gates of Meereen. It looks as if the entire city's population is watching from high atop their gates. A single rider comes out from the city, a warrior who mocks and challenges them. Daario volunteers to fight him and as the warrior charges him on horseback, Daario flings a knife into the horse's head, knocking the rider off and then immediately kills him, making the Meereens gasp at how quickly he was dispatched.

Daenerys then addresses the slaves inhabiting the city.

I am not your enemy. Your enemy is beside you. Your enemy steals and murders your children. Your enemy has nothing for you, but pain and suffering and commands.
I do not bring you command, I bring you a choice.
And I bring your enemies what they deserve.

Forward! (Catapults)

Fire! (Barrels are shot into the city. They are filed with broken shackles and chains)

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