Boston bombing

Huckabee Is Very Sad That We're Not Demonizing Muslims

From this Saturday's Fox & Friends, regular guest and host of his own show on the weekends, Mike Huckabee is very sad that there are people "on the left" who are making him feel bad about being able to demonize Muslims.

Graham Calls For 'Post-Mortem' To Examine Intelligence Failures

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, Sen. Lindsey Graham told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer that “We need to revisit our laws" and potentially give the FBI more power to track terrorism suspects, because lord knows we haven't shredded quite enough of our civil rights already.

Bill-O Threatens 'Jihad' Against Liberals Who Disregard 'Radical Islam'

Gee, where would anyone get the idea that Fox and Bill O'Reilly would like for their Obama-hating viewers to get the impression that he just might be a secret Muslim? I can't imagine. Apparently Bill-O is very upset that MSNBC's Alex Wagner said something bad about him, so now he's going on his own "jihad" to get even.