Gonzo Can't Find A Job

Gosh, I can't recall if anyone could have predicted this... NYTimes (reg. req'd.) Alberto R. Gonzales, like many others recently unemployed, has di

Gonzales Named Lawyer Of The Year

"Passive Exonerative Tense" courtesy of lifeclever And it's not even April 1st: Negative news coverage may have cost former Attorney General Albert

Open Thread

"One of You Will Betray Conservatism" by Darkblack. Click image for larger, which shows, left to right, and according to the artist, "keeping in mind

Mike's Blog Round Up

Happy Thursday to all! By now most of you know this, but to newbies this is Alex, guest-hosting the roundup while neglecting my own malenky blog, Mar

And The Next Attorney General Is...

Following up on widely reported rumors yesterday, the White House is poised to announce that Michael Mukasey, a former judge on the U.S. District Cour

Mike's Blog Round Up

Jim Hightower:  It's Labor Day weekend.  Do you know where your middle class is? Your Right Hand Thief: The real hypocrisy of Idaho's conservatives

A 'Fresh Chance'?

Two major dailies — the LAT and the NYT — argue that the resignations of Rove and Gonzales offer Bush has a “fresh chance” to turn things aro