Cindy Sheehan

Chalk Walk 2: Party Atmosphere Prevails

Although LAPD promised to arrest chalk vandals once again, a party atmosphere prevailed Thursday night at downtown Los Angeles' Art Walk. Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Horace Frank, of the Central Division, said earlier in the

Chris Hayes On The Iraq War Architects: Where Are They Now?

I highly recommend watching the entire show if you have time which you can catch here if you don't have the show recorded at home, but here's one of the better portions of this Saturday's Up With Chris Hayes which followed their panel discussions

Getting Involved In The Process

What Digby says: The lesson for us is that civic involvement is important even if you feel like you are screaming into the void. Whatever you may thi

Late Night Music Club With Black 47

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 4) is release day for the new Black 47 album, Iraq. The band chose the C&L Music Club to debut a song they wrote about someon