Charles Johnson

Fox News Contributor Debuts Racist 'Rap' Video At CPAC

Once again conservatives prove that one, they have absolutely no idea how to do comedy. This has to be some of the most god-awful crap I've seen in a long time. And two, that they have all the subtlety of a blow horn when it comes to their over the

Dunkin' Dumbasses

(title borrowed from John Cole.) File this under: "we now know why McCain is ignoring Michelle Malkin." A new Dunkin Donuts ad featuring Rachel Ra

Ron Paul Mania!

To the consternation of the right wing blogosphere, Ron Paul raised 4.2 million dollars to stay in the Presidential race, a GOP record. I'm supportin

And The War Goes On...

The AP: Three U.S. airmen died Sunday in a car bombing in Baghdad — among at least 17 people killed in violence across Iraq as Iraqi troops lau

Mike's Blog Roundup

War and Piece: Twice a day, the clock strikes 11... hypocalypse: Rabid hate-monger and noted anti-Arab/Muslim bigot Charles Johnson of the toxic webs