Richard Cohen

Richard Cohen, Say What?

Was this guy ever an actual liberal? I mean, he gets to write for the Washington Post, a very prestigious job----something that all the Villagers wou

Mike's Blog Roundup

All Spin Zone: John "Doubletalk" McCain fails the political courage test. Collateral News: Remote controlled bugs are the Pentagon's latest attempt t

Right Winger Promotes Murder

John Bolton's biggest fan needs a trip to the rubber room: Pam Atlas, spawn of Little Green Footballs, personal blogger to Bush nominee/U.N. Amb

We're All French Now...

Greenwald on Richard Cohen The Washington Post's Richard Cohen, 2/6/2003, on Colin Powell's speech to the UN: This is where Colin Powell bro

Richard Cohen's Greatest Hits

Richard Cohen's Greatest Hits Atrios and Needlenose... (my editing function is not working properly so things are looking a little funky) Georgia10