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C&L On The Point With Cenk Uygur: The Oscar Edition

Mimi Kennedy (actress, Midnight In Paris) makes a point about how Hollywood exports violence abroad, and Jordan Zakarin (writer/editor, The Huffington Post) shares his thoughts on the cozy relationship between the film industry and the Pentagon.

An Unlikely Pair

Last week I linked to an op-ed by Jon Voight with the caveat that I generally don't really care about the opinions of celebrities. Today, I want you

Iran: Why Am I Still Worried?

(guest blogged by Mike Farrell. Cross-posted at Huffington Post) Mr. Bush claims that rumors of plans to attack Iran are ‘baseless gossip.' So w

How Dare They?

(guest blogged by Mike Farrell) Just who the hell do they think they are or were? How dastardly, how evil, how utterly asymmetrical! How lo

Mike Farrell's Review Of Baghdad ER

Mike Farrell on "Baghdad ER" Mike Farrell, who most of you know from the TV series "Mash," allowed C&L an exclusive to publi