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Tweeting Penis Got GOP Staffer Gone

Tweeting Penis Got GOP Staffer Gone

Rep. Steve Stivers' chief of staff, Adam Kuhn, has resigned after he got "weinered" in reverse on Twitter by his now-angry ex-porn star girlfriend.

Fox News Hires Serial Liar/Punchline Mark Sanford

Happy Appalachian Trails to you! On Friday, Fox News confirmed that they had hired former Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) as a paid contributor. The move that could make things slightly awkward at the network. During their coverage of the affair


Other than his tasteless joke about Ellen at the end of this, kudos to Bill Maher for reminding us of just how many Republicans like Newt Gingrich who's still pretending he wants to run for president are huge flaming hypocrites when it comes to