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The Word - Forgive And Forget

Stephen has a solution for the Catholic Church: If the pope is responsible for a sex abuse cover-up, the Catholic Church needs to reassign him to a

Open Thread

If you love audio content and podcasts as much as I do, don't miss "In Bed with Susie Bright." In my opinion, her podcast on the Sarah Palin and Mar

Mike's Blog Roundup

No More Mister Nice Blog: South Carolina has a dishonest hypocrite for a Governor because of liberalism Roger (the good one) Ailes: Another randy Rep

Moral Hazards

Moral Hazards via Digby (this is just some highlights. Please read the entire article) Perhaps it would be instructive to take another little tr

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

A la O'Reilly, a shower of gifts Still searching for that perfect gift for your closest phone pal? How about the "O'Reilly Approved" Loofah, courtesy