Donald Rumsfeld Suddenly Concerned About Dead Americans

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is suddenly concerned about the deaths of four Americans now that it's an excuse to attack Hillary Clinton.

From this Wednesday's Your World with Neil Cavuto, Faux "news" continues their Benghazi Derangement Syndrome, and brings on former Sec. of Defense and war criminal Donald Rumsfeld to attack Hillary Clinton by taking her words out of context, as we've seen all of them do on Fox time and time again.

It seems Rumsfeld is now suddenly concerned about four Americans dying. Rather than ask him about the number of Americans that died on his watch after we were lied into invading a country that wasn't a threat to us, Cavuto gave him a chance to attack the Democrats -- who are calling this partisan witch hunt out for being just that -- and for a bit of historical revisionism on Iraq instead.

This channel just continues to turn into a really bad parody of itself every single day.

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