Mike's Blog Round Up

December 21, 2012. Hope you all have a great day. Tomorrow, too. And the day after that...

The Impolitic: How to eliminate the deficit and live happily ever after. (It helps that Obama still has all the leverage.)

Towleroad: Gingrich accepts "reality" of marriage equality. (But is otherwise still an idiot extraordinaire.)

Zandar Versus the Stupid: Another great reason to despise (and boycott) Walmart. (Hint: It has to do with semi-automatic rifles and ammo.)

Mario Piperni: If only husky boys had been there to take down Adam Lanza. (On maybe the stupidest thing yet written on the massacre.)

Round-up by Michael J.W. Stickings of The Reaction (@mjwstickings). I'll be here all week.

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