Just Can't Help Themselves

It's almost too predictable. The thought of a serious African-American candidate must completely freak them out.

RawStory (h/t MrEMan)

Fox News Channel's morning program Fox & Friends pointed to a report on Friday that Sen. Barack Obama had attended a Muslim 'madrasa' while living in Indonesia as a 6-year-old child.

(video courtesy of SharingRaw)

Meanwhile, on Hannity's radio show, America's top hatemonger, Ann Coulter, projects her own little shriveled black heart on Democrats.

Media Matters: (h/t TAM)

On the January 16 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Sean Hannity hosted right-wing pundit Ann Coulter for a discussion of, among other things, prospective Democratic presidential nominees, specifically the qualifications of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). Coulter compared Obama to former President Gerald Ford, saying, "[E]verything they were saying to point out how little qualified Ford was as this accidental president is surely true ... tenfold in the case of Obama." Coulter went on to say: "I do think it does show -- it further confirms my point that Democrats are racist, and they're just stunned to find a black man who can walk and talk. And, you know, not being a racist, I'm not really that impressed with a black man who can walk and talk." Audio file courtesy of Media Matters.


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