Turley Spars With O'Reilly


(Guest blogged by Logan Murphy)

Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley appeared on "The Factor" last night to discuss Gonzalesgate and as the picture shows, BillO ends up losing it...again. Although this was actually a fairly civilized segment compared to some, as BillO realizes he's brought a knife to a gunfight, he does what he always does when he's wrong: he drowns out his guest.

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The real comedy gold begins when the topic turns to Alberto Gonzales' counsel and White House liaison Monica Goodling. Bill goes nuts trying to convince Turley that Goodling's decision to plead the fifth is a good idea. Bill completely misrepresents the facts in the Libby case as he attempts to use it to make his point, but as Jonathan points out:

Turley: "Well, see that's a bad thing to choose cause he's a convicted felon. A jury found him guilty of lying."

SilentPatriot: IMO, the best part of the entire interview comes when Bill tells his producers to "knock the music off." He should have cut his losses right there. If you want a lesson in responsible journalism, compare this segment with O'Reilly to this segment with Olbermann on the same topic. Granted it's a few weeks old, but you'll get the point.

Josh Marshall of TPMmuckracker, who has really led the charge on this entire scandal, tackles (and shatters) the "Lam was dismissed for not proescuting immigration cases" spin. I'll take a TPM factual analysis over a "Factor" one any day. BillO thinks the WH offer includes testimony under oath, for crying out loud!


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