I'll Do What I Damn Well Please

The Agonist:

Just in case you can't hear the war drums then give this a read. It's a Statement of Policy from the Executive Office on the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008. In a nutshell it notes that the Scooter-Commuter, Geroge W. Bush will veto any bill that limits his freedom of action with regards to Iraq. For good measure (inserted by a denizen of OVP, of course) there's this little nugget concerning Iran:

The Administration strongly opposes amendments to the bill that to restrict the ability of the United States to deal effectively with the threats to regional security posed by the conduct of Iran, including Iran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons. The Administration also notes that provisions of law that purport to direct or prohibit international negotiations, covert action, or the use of the armed forces are inconsistent with the Constitution's commitment exclusively to the presidency of the executive power, the function of Commander-in-Chief, and the authority to conduct the Nation's foreign policy. If the bill were presented to the President with provisions that would prevent the President from protecting America and allied and cooperating nations from threats posed by Iran, the President's senior advisers would recommend he vetoed the bill.

God help us.  This is unmitigated madness.  Again, the only thing I can see to help us is to ratchet up the heat with your elected officials.  Call daily, write letters, emails, go to their offices and make a nuisance of yourself. At some point, we must become louder than the pundit class inside the Beltway so that they understand that it's more than their political livelihoods on the line, but the republic itself.


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