This Week: Lying Liars On Iraq

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Lord, spare us from the Republicans and their pathetic attempts at moral equivalence. In discussion of the endless Iraq invasion, of course the issue of the statements made by Karl Rove and Bill Clinton come into play. Right wing mouthpiece Peggy Noonan laughingly dismisses Rove's lies and focuses naturally on Bill Clinton's backtracking of support. Now I'm not going to excuse Clinton for his hindsight backpedal, but it seems to me that the far more egregious re-writing of history is the one out of Karl Rove's mouth...after all, who was in the Oval Office when the decision to invade Iraq came down?

Elisabeth Bumiller chimes in that Clinton was "heavily briefed by Condi Rice" as if that makes Clinton's statements more ridiculous. Two words, Liz: Curve Ball. Heavily briefed with bad and cherry-picked intelligence doesn't help your case.

But the most ridiculous statement of the day has to come from host George Stephanopoulos, who claims that Iraq is "receding" from the minds of voters... a meme forwarded by the Politico after talking to Bush Dog Democrats, but in Iowa, The Nation's Ari Berman didn't find that to be true at all.


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