Breaking-- Harry Reid Is Telecom Immunity's BFF? UPDATED

Harry Reid mentions the blogs at around the 1:39 mark. Yes, Senator, we're paying attention...

Why am I always saying "you've gotta be kidding me?" every time the "Democratic" "Majority" "Leader" takes a step?

Seriously, think about those three words and how completely meaningless each one of them is with this Congress.

Glenn Greenwald has the details,

The summarized version is that there were two competing bills which Reid could have brought to the floor -- the Senate Intelligence Committee version engineered by Jay Rockefeller and Dick Cheney which gives the administration most of what it wants, and the Senate Judiciary Committee, which does not contain telecom amnesty and contains far more extensive oversight protections. Reid could have brought the bill to the floor using whatever process he wanted, and he has decided -- contrary to weeks of assurances -- that the SIC bill will serve as the "base" bill, meaning that improving it (by removing amnesty and increasing oversight) will require 60 votes, rendering such efforts virtually impossible. In doing so, Reid is brazenly ignoring the demands of 14 Senators -- including all of the Democratic presidential candidates -- to have the Judiciary Committee bill be the base bill.

and Glenn sums it up this way...

The criticism isn't that Harry Reid is being insufficiently aggressive in opposing the White House. It's that he's doing what he can to support the White House, serving as their key ally. Read more...

As usual, we can also count on FireDogLake to keep us all up-to-date.

And if being "Democratic" "majority" "leader" is too much for Mr. Reid, maybe we can find another Senator. Just saying....

Oh and if you'd like to give Senator Reid a call (remember to be on-topic and respectful), his numbers are here (thanks, FDL).

UPDATE: Dodd will filibuster.


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