Late Edition: Howard Dean - John McCain Is "A Flawed Candidate"

DNC Chairman, Howard Dean, appeared on today's Late Edition to talk about the campaign and the race on the Democratic side. Howard did a good job deflecting Wolf Blitzer's doom and gloom for the Democrats line of questioning. Each time Blitzer would ask him about the tension between Senators Clinton and Obama, Dean would fire back with the reality of John McCain's lack of ethics and credibility.

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While I don't completely agree with Dean's assertion that some of the negative campaigning that's occurred between the Democratic candidates isn't an issue, I was encouraged to see how aggressively he pushed back at Blitzer, staying focused, cutting through the spin and charging right at John McCain's weaknesses.

Dean: "...Look, John McCain is a flawed candidate. Here's a guy who is a typical situational ethicist, he runs on his integrity, but he doesn't seem to have any. We're familiar with the fact that he got on the ballot in Ohio with what now turns out to be false pretenses. He qualified because he was taking public financing, and now he says he's not going to. He doesn't have the permission of the FEC to do that, and just this week he refused to denounce and reject John Hagee, a militant, anti-Catholic right wing pastor and John McCain has a history of doing what it takes regardless of what the ethics of this are. I think he's going to be a flawed candidate, I don't think people want four more years of what is essentially four more years of George Bush."


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