Meet The Press: Surrogates Battle Over Caucuses & Super Delegates

Obama supporter and former Senator Tom Daschle and Clinton supporter Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell squared off this morning on Meet The Press. Tim Russert started out by asking Rendell if Senator Obama should be the candidate if he has the most pledged delegates, most contests won and higher popular vote total, to which Rendell says, no. He says that Sen. Clinton won the bigger and "more important" states and that he believes the super delegates could give their votes to her -- a highly controversial issue within the Democratic Party.

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Daschle contends that Obama should get the nod if he has the most pledged delegates, and doesn't believe the super delegates should overturn the will of the Democratic voters. Russert also touches on the issue of caucuses and Rendell reiterates the Clinton campaign's charge that caucuses are "undemocratic," and disenfranchise voters. Right, a process that has worked since early in America's history, and now, they're going to claim it's a problem. The problem isn't that caucuses are undemocratic so much as they've been more successful for Obama so far. The three also discuss the Michigan and Florida delegates, which leads to an agreement that there should be some sort of solution agreed upon to make sure both states' delegates are seated.

Rendell:"...Caucuses are undemocratic. That's another thing, you talk about those super delegates being undemocratic, if you're a caucus, older people can't vote. Older people vote by absentee ballot, there's no absentee ballots in a caucus."

Daschle:"Well Tim, first of all I think it will come as a real shock to Iowa, and to Nevada and to many other states that they don't have a Democratic process. I think that it's very Democratic and we saw yesterday in Wyoming, we had a lot of seniors and older people that participate, people from all walks, they were participating in unprecedented numbers so I don't concede that point at all."

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