Bob Schieffer Calls Americans Who Don't Want Cuts To Our Social Safety Nets Extremists


From this Sunday's Face the Nation, host Bob Schieffer wants the audience to believe that those on the left who are opposed to cuts to "entitlements" a.k.a. our earned benefits and social safety nets, are just as "extreme" as these TeaBirchers in the Congress who have been obstructing everything President Obama has tried to do purely for the sake of obstruction.

Because we all know that wanting to protect Americans from becoming impoverished and to have access to affordable medical care is just like shutting down the government, right? Good god.

And unfortunately he got no push back from Gov. Martin O'Malley, who did counter the notion that the problem with our economy is that seniors are getting too many Social Security benefits, but he let the false equivalency stand:

SCHIEFFER: But you know, governor, I'm sure you would concede that you have those on the left who would take the party as far that way as some of the tea party folks want to take the Republican party on the right.

I mean, when the president comes out and says he's not going to touch entitlement reform, that's like waving a red flag in front of a bull to the Republicans. I mean... ugh... have we given up on trying to get anything done and compromising on anything?

The Villagers in our media have been pushing for chained CPI and cuts to Social Security for some time now, and they're not going to be happy until they get it.


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