Senator Barbara Boxer was asked to comment on John McCain's complaints about the Iraq situation and she characterized him as an awful car mechanic that nobody would ever return to. Snap!
June 20, 2014

Senator John McCain has been carrying on like "king baby" the last few weeks since the Iraqi military has abandoned their posts to the ISIS, but nobody should care (are you listening beltway media?) what he says about Iraq since he was basically the "king cheerleader" in the run up of that war and then continued to fan the flames of more war. Senator Barbara Boxer joined Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Thursday morning and was asked to comment on McCrabby's outburst.

Boxer: I'm happy to listen to John McCain because I like him as a person. But if anyone, anyone is to tell us what to do, it's not him. He told me when I was very worried, after I had voted no on the Iraq War, and it was going on and on. He said to me, he was so sweet about it, he said, 'this thing's going to be over in three to six months.' And that's what Rumsfeld said. That's what they all said. They were wrong."

Andrea, if you took your car into a mechanic and he destroyed the whole car and you couldn't even turn it on, you wouldn't go back to the same mechanic when there's a problem. So I say with all due respect to my friends who got us into this mess, remember there wasn't an ISIS until we went in there.

She praised Obama for catching Bin Laden, Abu Khatallah and got us out of two wars which gives him much more credibility on those issues. Being characterized as an awful auto mechanic that destroys cars rather than fixes them is about as low as it goes, Senator McCain.


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