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Goober Gohmert Pipes Up With A Brand-New Benghazi! Conspiracy

Someone threatened those CIA agents into silence. They're scared, says Gohmert.

What on earth is Goober Gohmert smoking? Whatever it is, it's powerful stuff that causes lots of hallucinations.

Here we have Goober on Fox News desperately trying to spin the BENGHAZI! nonsense back toward his paranoia, despite the fact that it has been debunked so hard the bunk left home and moved in with stupid. Stupid is as stupid does, so here we go.

Louie claims that he has a pal that works in intel in North Africa, who is now out of the CIA and told him he's "scared." Because the badass mean Obama administration scares those poor CIA guys, so they're just too afraid to tell the truth.

After going on about how they could have gotten planes to the Benghazi outpost to rescue those poor guys, he then confides that everything is just a huge conspiracy. All of it. It's a huge, gnarly conspiracy involving Petraeus' resignation and Susan Rice and well just about everything!

Well, look at Petraeus. We find out that the administration knew about his affair for nearly a year. Why did they sit on it until Petraeus knew of the Susan Rice talking points were a lie and then they run him out so he can't be out there blasting that? I mean, these people are very insidious to what they have done to some of the true patriots out there on the field and it really needs to be exposed. Martha, I know there are people who say what difference at this point does it make? It makes a difference in saving the lives of patriots for the future.

Louis Gohmert lives in a world of paranoia and excessive partisanship where everything is a conspiracy, nothing is just the consequence of other things happening. Be afraid, little men, the bad men are out there to hurt us. And Gohmert's bad men are always black and educated, it seems.

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