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Ron Fournier: Obama Has Destroyed Trust In Government Single-Handedly

How does he conclude this? It's based on what Fournier pulled out of his posterior, why is anyone listening to him?

Ron Fournier is a special kind of journalist, and by that I mean he obtains information for his comments by heading down the rabbit hole that is his narrow little mind. Somehow, a law that, as he admits, decreased the uninsured and increased the insured, is something President Obama will simply sabotage because of the lack of trust with the American people. Appearing on Brett Baier's show along with two other dinosaurs stoking fear, Fournier pulled this convoluted fact right out of his ass.

In September, Fournier accused President Obama as first being weak on ISIL, saying "I think they see weakness in the President." If he's not lazy, he's weak, if he's not weak, he can't be trusted. The president is incapable of getting the American public behind this law because he's such a liar. It's fine that the previous administration lied us into two wars and oversaw the worst terrorist attack on American soil, Obama lied to the American people to enable poor citizens to see a doctor for the first time in decades. How abhorrent he is!

Fournier has a sordid history of bizarre comments.

This lack of transparency (from what President Obama promised would be the most transparent administration in U.S. history) undercuts the administration's "8-million-enrolled" victory lap.

He said, regarding Obamacare and the president's second term:

The death toll rose in Iraq during Bush's fifth year. For Obama, the federal health insurance website didn't work, and millions of Americans lost their insurance policies despite his promises to the contrary.

Citing some insane poll of elderly viewers who harbor racist feelings toward the president, they show the disapproval rate of 59% for the ACA. It's so odd that Fournier would appear on Fox News, being such a reputable Beltway Journalist. President Obama has somehow destroyed the credibility of his government. How did he do that? He helped people. Sure Ron, that makes perfect sense.


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