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Clint Van Zandt Blames Protestors For NYPD Shootings On MSNBC

The former FBI profiler and MSNBC contributor mimics Rudy Giuliani by blaming peaceful protestors for creating a climate of violence that caused the NYPD deaths.

After the tragic shooting of two NYPD officers, the right wing is quick to blame the rhetoric of the peaceful protestors who object to police brutality. People have exercised their Constitutional right to free speech, and thus we have created a climate for violence, at least according to a frequent contributor to MSNBC.

Clint Van Zandt tells how he would personally feel after carrying a badge and a gun (guns are never the problem you see) for twenty-five years. It would be like a target on his back. Rudy Giuliani was even brought up vis a vis his "black on black crime" rhetoric, which the right wing loves so much. He was in quite a state of agitation as Alex Witt tried futilly to get him off the Fox News talking points.

He blamed the black community in general, for requesting additional officers.

The reason two police officers were stationed in that particular neighborhood in Brooklyn is because we have such high crime in that area, we need more of a police presence. If I was out there right now, and a rhetoric that's out there of hating police officers when maybe what they do obviously in some cases could be wrong...communities are committing crimes against themselves. We are creating a tremendous riff...because people are inspired by what they hear in the community.

That's it, it's the rhetoric of those overreactive Americans who have a problem with police serving as executioner of people who aren't even committing crimes, especially when they are a specific color and gender. Before, I thought Van Zandt seemed to be a reasonable contributor, but after this segment, I can't look at him the same again.


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