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Rush Limbaugh Gives Pope Frank A Piece Of His Mind

I'm almost certain the Pope has no interest in what Rushbo has to say, but that never makes much difference.

El Rushbo is extremely angry with Pope Francis for daring to say climate change is man-made.

Evidently, his issue comes with the Pope's remark that "man continually slaps down nature."

As Rush sucked in a lungful of air he bleated, "Folks, I have to really watch it now. We're talking about the Vicar of Christ here. The Vicar of Christ believes man is not part of nature?"

"My religious beliefs are one of the many things that inform me that we couldn't have any impact on the climate, the planet, the Globe, creation, no matter what, no matter how much we wanted to. It's beyond our reach," he continued.

I could cite lots of Biblical authority for why Rush is wrong, but why bother? If he's going to smack at the "Vicar of Christ" why would anything I say make a difference?

Since Rushbo says his religion informs him that climate change isn't real, I decided to go see what religion he is. According to some sources, he's Methodist. Here's the statement from the United Methodist Church declaring climate change to be real, Rush.

Then again, maybe those sources are wrong, and he's really just a member of the United Church of the Divine Dollar, where his high priests are the Kochs and Exxon/Mobil. They're about the only religion left that denies global warming, after all.


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