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Why Ted Cruz Will Not Be A 2016 Contender, Rafael Cruz Edition

As long as Ted's crazy daddy calls for nullification, Ted will remain on the edgy fringe.
Why Ted Cruz Will Not Be A 2016 Contender, Rafael Cruz Edition

This is why Ted Cruz should not be treated as a serious contender for 2016. Listen to his daddy call for nationwide nullification of state laws on same-sex marriage.

“Something very exciting that has happened is what happened in Alabama with Justice Roy Moore,” Cruz said, hailing a state supreme court ruling which found that “the courts of Alabama do not have to obey the opinion of a federal judge and as a matter of fact, Justice Roy Moore, ordered the civil courts in Alabama not to issue marriage licenses for homosexual couples. And so what they are doing is asserting that the state has supremacy and basically all of these laws were for the state to make those decisions, not the federal court, the federal court is overreaching and it is actually legislating from the bench, contrary to the opinion of the majority of the American people."

It gets even more interesting when the crazy callers call in:

Later in the program, Cruz warned that “we are on the brink of the destruction of this country” and said that President Obama is acting “like an emperor more than a president,” adding: “If we have eight more years of this type of government, this country will be destroyed.”

When a caller, Dan, called in to say that the American people should begin “killing judges” over the fear that “judges will order pastors to marry homosexuals,” Schlafly said that she is “not ready to kill anybody.”

Instead, Schlafly said that people should instead “use all the ways that are available to us in this free system.” Cruz agreed with Schlafly, arguing that elected officials are selected by “a small minority of Americans” and that people who believe in “biblical values” must turn out en masse to the polls.

Imagine this guy spouting off during a general election. He's just crazy enough to think there are that many people who believe in passing off hate and slander as "biblical values" that if they all come out, Ted will magically become President Cruz? Not so much.

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It does put the whole Reverend Wright kerfuffle into perspective though. Suddenly, what he said just isn't as controversial as it once seemed.


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