June 17, 2015

Alan Colmes is infinitely more tolerant and patient than I could ever be. How he endures the mindless prattle of his guests without blowing a gasket is a mystery. A new feature of his program on FoxNews.com is called Alan Colmes Versus, which pairs him up with a person who holds the far-right perspective of the hottest issues. Last Tuesday, he took on Todd Starnes who incredulously claimed that there's a movement to persecute Christians and Christianity in this country.

This week, he interviewed Dr. Keith Ablow, a member of the "Fox News Medical A-Team," and part time Dr. Evil impersonator. Ablow has stated that he feels that the controversy surrounding former Spokane NAACP President, Rachel Dolezal is a natural byproduct of excessive liberal tolerance. Alan asked Ablow,

"Do you think there's an analogy to be made between Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner."


"Well I think there's an analogy to be made, because, as you know, I've been not overwhelmed, not convinced by the data that would prove, and we'd like to have data that would prove that folks are born into the wrong bodies, gender-wise. I would say before we go about the very arduous clinical path of suggesting to adolescents that they could change their gender. And I did warned, I warned during the Chaz Bono, Dancing With The Stars time, I warned that folks listening could be coaxed out of their realities... listen, it doesn't have to be gender, there's nothing sacred about gender clinically, when it comes to transgender issues. It could be race, it could be age."

Colmes explained that Dolezal lied about her race, and Jenner went through hormone therapy to make a transition, there was no dishonesty affiliated with Caitlyn Jenner. She was being open about her transition. Obnoxiously, Ablow asked him where he got off saying Rachel Dolezal had lied, when she firmly believes she is trans-racial. It's as if by virtue of Colmes liberalism, he is not allowed to question a person's identity. (?)

Ablow asks Alan if he believed Bruce Jenner was disingenuous in the 1976 Olympics where he won the men's decathlon, and as any sane person would reply, Comes said 'no.' Caitlyn Jenner was being open about her transition. What Alan was trying to ascertain, was, why did Ablow feel the need to blame liberals when this is not a liberal/conservative thing? He quoted Ablow from his appearance on Fox and Friends.

Credit: Fox and Friends

Ablow went on another tear:
"Liberals have embraced the notion of self-determination. They have said, what self-determination means is that you should fight the police, you should be free and encouraged to consider if you are male or female, regardless of your anatomy. This has been, very largely, a liberal agenda."

Colmes brought up the fact that Caitlyn Jenner IS A CONSERVATIVE, A REPUBLICAN. Ablow insists that If you just run the numbers, it's been a more liberal view to support the unproven notion that people could be born into the wrong body. He doesn't buy ANY of it, obviously that includes Caitlyn Jenner. He's upset about the fact that Caitlyn has said she's a Republican,and he practically denies her proclamation. Since Jenner is someone that Ablow believes is inauthentic, he can't accept that someone so conflicted, in his eyes, could be a real Republican.

Alan asked him where did he come up with the idea that self-determination advocates (aka Liberals) believe they should fight the police? Dr. Keith had no evidence for that ridiculous claim.

Dr. Ablow believes that transgender and transracial are exactly the same thing. He feels both claims are rooted in false self-identification. The danger (because any idea borne from Liberal tolerance is dangerous) is that our 'rush' to embrace this notion of self-identification, especially by liberals, will elevate 'these people' to celebrity status. Colmes once again fact checks Ablow and reminds him that Jenner has been a celebrity for quite some time now, this is nothing new for her.

Dr. Ablow wants Alan Colmes to simply admit he was wrong, and tell the audience that the resident psychiatric 'expert' won this round. Of course, Colmes refused to concede and they left it at that. By my calculations, the score: Colmes 1, Ablow 0.

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