2016 presidential clown car resident Dr. Ben Carson absolutely refused to utter the words that gay people are discriminated against when pushed by CNN's Brianna Keilar.
June 13, 2015

While I completely understand just who these right-wing bigots are playing to and that they don't want to do anything to upset the applecart in the form of donations rolling their way from the anti-gay zealots in the base of their party, it's still somewhat jolting to hear someone, as Dr. Ben Carson did this Thursday, just absolutely refuse to admit out loud that those in the LGBT community faces discrimination.

I listened to this the other day and was just absolutely disgusted by it and didn't have a chance to weigh in on it earlier. How much hate to you have to have in your heart, or how cynical do you have to be if you can't even allow the words "Yes, gay people are discriminated against" to roll off your lips?

Cynical or not, that's what the viewers were treated to on CNN's Wolf this Thurdsay, and of course Carson decided to play the poor, picked on, Christian conservative card instead, because we all know those are the real victims in our society. Someone let me know when anyone in the United States is beaten to death, drug behind a car, or subjected to the host of other violence we've read about far too often happening to members of the LGBT community.

Someone let me know when anyone has been fired from their job because they told their boss that they're a Christian. Someone let me know when Ben Carson and his buddies are being prevented from practicing their religion in the United States of America.

Carson is a disgusting piece of work, but now that he's another name on the long list of grifters pretending they want to be president, we'll continue to be subjected to more interviews like this one in the media where he's allowed to spread his bile.

KEILAR: Retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is joining us now on the phone.

I do want to talk to you about some of the poll numbers that we're seeing nationally and in Iowa, but I want to get to these comments about gay rights and gay marriage that are in the spotlight again. Can you just clarify for us sort of where you stand on this issue? I know you're saying that, you know, gays haven't been segregated when it comes to say water fountains the way African-Americans have been, but do you think that gay Americans are discriminated against, that they face discrimination?

DR. BEN CARSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (via telephone): I don't really want to talk about the gay issue except maybe you could get the answer for this question. What position can a person take who has no animosity toward gay people but believes in the traditional definition of marriage that would be acceptable?

KEILAR: Well, sir, I mean, if you're running for president, I think it's fair to ask you this question. Part of being a candidate is to answer questions. Can you - can you tell us if - I understand if you're saying it's - it's not exactly the same, but people look at that - some people look at that and they say we're talking about two groups that have faced discrimination and I wonder if you think gay Americans face discrimination even if it's not at water fountains?

CARSON: I've made my opinion quite clear on this issue. I think the Constitution protects every single American. And everybody has equal rights. Nobody has extra rights.

KEILAR: Sure. But if you're saying it protects people from discrimination, I'm asking you then if you think gay Americans are protected from being discriminated against and do they face discrimination? Do you think they do?

CARSON: Everybody should be protected against discrimination.

KEILAR: Are they - and are gay Americans facing discrimination?

CARSON: Can we - can we - can we move on to something more important? Is there anything more important to talk about?

KEILAR: No, you haven't answered my question. You haven't answered my question. Are gay Americans discriminated against? It's a very simple question. I'm just asking to you clarify your remarks.

CARSON: I just said, everybody needs to be protected from discrimination. Everybody probably has somebody who discriminates against them because they're people with small minds who think that way.

KEILAR: So you're saying gay Americans are discriminated against?

CARSON: I'm saying there - every group faces some type of discrimination. Christians face a lot of discrimination. I wish we would talk more about that.

KEILAR: Then so do you not want to talk about discrimination against gay Americans?

CARSON: I just gave you an answer.

KEILAR: OK, I think - I will say that I think you gave me part of an answer but not a complete one.

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