We're being told that Donald Trump's candidacy just blew up. Maybe -- but the Trump fanboys and fangirls are still on his side.
Trump's Fans Are Still Fans
Credit: Fox News
July 19, 2015

We're being told that Donald Trump's candidacy just blew up. We're being informed that we've "probably reached an inflection point ... that will probably mark the moment when Trump’s candidacy went from boom to bust."

Maybe -- but the Trump fanboys and fangirls are still on his side.

I'm looking at the comments to a Fox News Insider story about Trump's attack on John McCain. It sure looks as if the Trumpites (and even some non-Trumpites) are defiant, and are critical of the Trump opponents who've denounced him:

I'm not for or against Trump... I am against the Republican establishment and this response from the entrenched politicians seems to be more of an attempt to attack Trump for any reason than true outrage. Perry and the rest mocking outgrage and disgust are just showing their true colors. I will say at least Trump is at least saying something and not walking a politically correct tightrope.


Exactly! Those candidates attacking him are going to end up with egg on their faces. They shouldn't underestimate Trump...he's the only one speaking out whose not worried about PC...that's why we like him!


john ma cain didn't even try to beat obama when he ran . that what i don't like about him and he votes for and with obama on everything


The only other Republican candidate is Ben Carson besides Donald Trump the rest should step down Until McCain apologizes for calling Trump supporters Crazies I don't think McCain should get an apology by the way my father was a Vietnam Vet that was not captured and didn't get the title of Hero he received the Bronze Star with Valor so don't even go there Politicians. Trump is right my Dad is a Hero he saved lives !!!!!!


being caclled a hero all depends on how you define the word, in my opinion McShame served like hundreds of thousands of others Trump was right and I agree.


If you really want to keep up with the breaking news, check out the backlash agaist Gov. Perry. There is mega support for Trump on the Govenor's own page asking for Trump to appologise. It may have caused Perry any chance in to win GOP. He backed the wrong side. No one cares if McCain is a Hero... McCain long ago sold out to the Dems and his record as a Sen. and on vetrans rights is abyzmal. The VA mess in AZ his state means he has blood on his hands and nothing has been fixed yet. Former Hero or not Trump keeps speaking the plain truth. WE the people get it, it doesn't have to be eloquent, but it does resonate.

This commenter seems to be referring to Rick Perry's Facebook page, where the Trump brigades are attacking Perry for going after Trump:

Quit twisting things Rick, you're acting like a liberal.


Perry let it go...McCain is a hero but in our world today we need leadership not career politicians who have sold US out.


I appreciate McCain's service but I agree with Trump. McCain is the reason he lost the election to Obama. The only reason I voted for that ticket was because of Palin, not him.


This is the wrong way to get our attention and votes. Governor Perry.


Be careful Gov. Perry, read what he said. Most republicans and all conservatives agree with Trump.


John McCain is a GOP statist that uses his being a vet to get elected and then go against everything we stand for.


No more politicians, no more lawyers, no more statists.

At Free Republic, they're touting an online poll at a message board called GOP Briefing Room:

Do you think Trump's remarks concerning McCain's POW status will improve, have no impact, or decrease his polling results?

Results as of 6:24 this morning: 90.4% Improve, 7.2% No Impact, 2.4% Decrease.

I didn't see this coming when Trump entered the race, or even when he rose in the polls, but he seems to have developed a Ron Paul-like cult -- people who really are impervious to bad news about their hero and who'll flood the zone (online, at least) when their hero is attacked.

We can also look back to Ross Perot in 1992 -- recall that he rose, declined, dropped out of the race, returned to the race (making paranoid-seeming claims about how George H.W. Bush operatives had compelled him to withdraw in the first place) ... and still managed to finish with 19% of the vote, which was actually 5 percentage points more than the final Gallup poll of the race had predicted. I've said before that I think Trump is a looser cannon than Perot -- I think it's possible that this is the first of several big unforced errors -- but I also think that he has a fan base that might stick with him for quite a while no matter what he says. It's probably a not-quite-big-enough fan base like Ron Paul's, but I don't think it's going to disappear rapidly, as those who see his campaign as a purely media-driven nine days' wonder seem to believe.

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