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GOP Strategist's Claim About Clinton 'Stunt-Casting' Squashed By Chris Hayes

Those strategists are sneaky little rats.

Chris Hayes' interview with GOP strategist Rick Wilson started out just fine, but then it degenerated into a mass of stupid.

Wilson began by expressing his hope that the Republican party would decide whether they are to be a party of limited government or a party of "personality-driven nationalist statism," which is what Trump represents.

And then it went off the rails, with Wilson apparently unable to resist a dig at Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

Repeating his concern about "personality-driven" candidates, Wilson then launched into a monologue about how, in 2008, the Democrats went through the same thing with Barack Obama.

"This charismatic guy drove this huge gain to the White House, but the downside of it is they're left with a weak bench at the end of the day, and they've gone to stunt-casting with Hillary Clinton," Wilson offered.

Stunt-casting? Really? Projection much there, Mr. Wilson?

Chris Hayes, to his credit, took the reins and let Wilson know he was just about as wrong as one person can be.

"Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for a very long time," Hayes replied. "I think stunt-casting doesn't quite capture her."

Hayes circled around at the end to that remark again when Wilson set the bait by claiming that Democratic women are fleeing from Hillary Clinton in droves, causing her numbers to "crater."

After telling the entire panel to be quiet because it's his show, Hayes corrected the record, saying that not all Democratic women have run away from her, and her numbers have not cratered.

"She has lost significant support as the primary process has played out," Hayes said.

"People talk about the desperation of the Hillary Clinton campaign...but one thing about the campaign is, they have just been rolling out policy after policy after policy."

"But the way Hillary Clinton has run this campaign so far has been remarkably substantive in terms of what they have been proposing." Hayes continued, "But the one thing they haven't done is anything stunt-7y, and I could argue that you could probably turn this around."

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"They could probably use more stunt-casting."

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