Diane Black, another A-rated NRA Tennessee-bagger Congresswoman, wants the discrimination towards gun-owners, like her to stop. America, f*ck yeah!
Diane Black (R-TN) Pushes For Law To Make A Gun Permit Official Form Of ID
Credit: AP
November 24, 2015

Endorsed by the NRA-PVF (Political Victory Fund) in her bid for Congress in 2012, Diane Black rode in on the big red wave of Tennessee Teabaggers, winning over 70% of the vote. Black has an A-rating from the NRA, like most Teabagger Congress members. Her push to allow a gun permit to double as a valid form of photo ID at TSA security checkpoints in airports arose from her own experience. She recalls when she forgot her driver's license and was temporarily prevented from boarding a plane by TSA security screeners because they wouldn't accept her gun permit as official ID.

Today, she published 'One-third of all Americans own a gun, it's time for TSA to stop discriminating' on FoxNews.com, highlighting her own experience with what she considers discrimination.

Bloody Bill Kristol's son-in-law runs the Washington Free Beacon, a low-quality, Libertarian-based, sensationalist rag that craves fake news stories like this. Because we don't really have bigger issues to solve, the WFB praises this legislation introduced by Congresswoman Black and Bill Flores (R-Tx) to reclassify a gun permit as an official form of ID. I'm sure this is a problem affecting millions of decent Americans who are suffering from this injustice.

Rep. Black was eventually able to board the plane thanks to a voter registration card, but the situation moved her to address the problem. She said her bill is designed to “make sure the ground rules are fair to everyone” and keep the process from being dictated by a “political agenda.” (Because the NRA never involves itself in politics.)

The bill would force TSA to accept gun permits that meet the legal definition of a “verifying identity document” as acceptable IDs. Under federal law, that means the permit must be government-issued and include the passenger’s full name, date of birth, and photograph. The bill would also bar TSA from keeping records on who is using gun permits as an ID.

Diane was a big defender of the deceptively doctored Planned Parenthood videos by the anti-choice zealots of her party. She is also a classic Republican hypocrite who wants to eradicate welfare programs that she herself was the recipient of early in her life.

The issue of upward mobility is not as simple as the GOP’s version of tough love. Their version is a fantasy solution woven together with false assertions.

It ignores the facts. It ignores the voices of those who need our investment. It proves that Rep. Diane Black and the GOP are out of touch with the people they represent. Even worse it proves that she is out of touch with the young girl who, without the investment meant to help folks catch up to the rest of us, may have left her behind.

Gun permit holders are, apparently, the most virtuous members of society. Diane writes in her Fox News editorial,

'I do not discount the very real threats that exist to passenger safety on our nation’s transportation system, but law-abiding gun owners choosing to identify themselves with a handgun carry permit are not among those.'

One in three Americans own a gun and there is no reason to make them feel like second class citizens when traveling. That is why I introduced the Nondiscriminatory Transportation Screening Act, or the “TSA Act” for short.

This simple, two-page bill (the GOP hates long reading!) would allow Americans to use handgun carry permits bearing a photograph for TSA purposes while maintaining strong protections for gun owners’ privacy rights and (as stated in the WFB) prohibiting government tracking of individuals who choose to present this identification at airport screenings.

It would be remiss to omit the small matter of over 2,000 suspected terrorists who have already purchased guns legally in this country, in light of the hypocrisy of banning harmless refugees from Syria who seek asylum in the U.S. Sarah Jones writes, Thanks to the NRA, Over 2000 Suspected Terrorists Were Able to Buy Guns in the U.S.

But the NRA was not pleased with this notion of not selling guns to terrorists, after all, a terrorists’ money is as good as anyone’s. Or, as the NRA put it, the bill was taking aim at law-abiding citizens and terrorists will buy guns anyway (just not from gun manufacturers if in fact it were illegal, so yeah, it’s all about the profit).

I suppose the scrutiny of the vetting process for Syrian refugees, which Black clearly supported, isn't afforded to those folks who are just trying to get a gun, like any good terrorist NRA-supporting. gun owner would. Diane's friends at The NRA objected to denying gun permits to people who expressly wish death upon innocent Americans.

Dangerous Syrian toddlers can't come into this country, but if a Daesh-sympathizer with a student visa wants to buy a few AR-15s, what's the risk of allowing that transaction? Hell, once he/she gets the guns, why not exit the country using the gun permit, as there will be no record of the use of said permit to travel out of the U.S.A. Freedumb, pure freedumb. Thanks Diane Black!

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