January 10, 2016

On Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo invited three avidly anti-Obama critics to opine on his final State of the Union Address, and they viciously attacked his speech strategy to look to the future and not the past. Judith Miller and Ed Rollins, both criminals in their own right, lobbed some of the most hateful hard balls at this president, the one who has a record of success they all pretend doesn't exist.

Judith Miller, who helped lie us into the Iraq War, bashes the president for possibly abandoning the 'no drama Obama' veneer and showing true emotion, as he did recently when he announced executive action on background checks. She expects him to discuss closing Gitmo and list his accomplishments, which she believes are non-existent. Miller just abhors this president and the people at Fox 'News' pay her well to convey this hatred.

The real vitriol comes from the man with more knowledge of corruption in his past than anyone, Rollins, who ran Reagan's reelection campaign in 1984. He also, if you recall, ran Michele Bachmann's fabulous presidential campaign for 2012.

Rollins openly admitted to knowing some of the most sordid and criminal details of the Reagan Era, yet, no one seems to care. How dare anyone tarnish the legacy of Ronald Reagan, especially when this information surfaced during the 1990's when everyone was busy trying to dig up dirt on that Bill Clinton fella. It's just more of that 'liberal media' thingy.

Rollins wasn't just his usual acerbic self, bombastic doesn't begin to describe this man's venom today. The craziest thing I heard was when he made a reference to Congress that was just plain fantasy.

ROLLINS: It's gonna be the last time he's going to have a big audience to watch, uh, and I think the reality, he's not going to talk about how I can cooperate with Congress, or here's my agenda for the next year, it's gonna be about what I'm gonna do and what I've already done and it's about my legacy. I'm the greatest president ever. I won the Nobel Peace Prize three weeks into the office. I earned it many times over.

He says this knowing full well the president met with Republicans and extended the olive branch to these sociopaths in an attempt to find common ground. He knows about the Inauguration Day meeting with Cantor, Ryan, Luntz etc. that plotted to destroy any attempts by the president to govern and to sabotage the economy. He knows that the president met with 140 House Republicans and ran circles around them in 2010. Yet he says he won't cooperate with these monsters?

Stephen Moore, always laughing for some reason, chimed in about the president's legacy that has been virtually ruined by a rough week at the NYSE. Moore was the founder of the Club for Growth (of the one percent), so he's as objective as you can imagine.

They discussed guns some more, because they all have a sick obsession with denigrating the raw human emotion the president showed. It's just irresistible to these folks. Rollins commented that every time he discusses guns and mass shootings, gun sales go up and so do the stock prices of Smith and Wesson. Ha ha ha! It's so fun to make fun of mass shootings, isn't it?

"The Money Honey," Bartiromo, mentions the seat at the SOTU that will be vacant, in honor of all the gun violence victims, and a seat that will be occupied by a Syrian refugee. Miller bursts into laughter that (Syrian refugees) it's a dead issue, as even Merkel, in light of the Cologne incident, has abandoned positive press for the controversy and toughened her stance on the refugee crisis.

Lastly, the gruesome quartet pronounced that it is so awful that this event in Germany, on New Year's Eve, hasn't been addressed by the President of the United States. They also laughed about how the president's priorities toward climate change shows how out of touch he is to the plight of struggling wage earners. Naturally, none of these anti-science maniacs are aware of the financial and economic costs of climate change disasters, because there haven't been any this year, except for floods, tornadoes, fires, gas leaks and earthquakes.


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