February 5, 2016

On today's Outnumbered, they started off by dishing on Saturday night's ABC News Republican debate, noting Carly Fiorina's absence from the stage despite the fact that she won a delegate in the Iowa caucuses.

Jesse Watters, frat boy extraordinaire, led the charge in a mocking tone. "That's not fair! Poor Carly!"

"She's a fringe candidate," he added.

Also, no participation trophies in Republican politics, folks. This is bare-knuckled man stuff right here.

"I like her a lot. I think everybody likes her, but you know, rules are rules. You've got to follow the rules, Carly. You're not going to make it, so I don't feel sorry for her."

I don't feel sorry for her either, though I could wonder aloud why Donald Trump could be on the stage at the next Fox News Debate on March 3rd with Megyn Kelly as the moderator just a couple of weeks after he refused to never, ever, no not ever participate in a debate where the mean blonde lady was moderating.

Fair's fair, right? I guess you don't get penalty points for skipping debates with moderators you don't like.

But back to Carly Fiorina. She should drop out, but she won't because she fancies herself the Republican alternative to Hillary Clinton. She's unlikable, dreadfully snarly, and completely out of her league, so I could think of her as the opposite of Hillary Clinton in that regard. Those qualities alone might be reason enough to put her on the main stage, but they already have unlikable, snarly men up there.

Now Carly has been shunted off to the wings as a "fringe" candidate. As if Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are just totally your mainstream kind of Republicans that everyone wants for President.

Is there a more fitting end to her nasty, dishonest campaign? I don't think so.

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