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Samantha Bee's Awesome Monologue On The Republican Presidential Primaries

Samantha Bee showed off her comedic chops on her opening night by ravaging the Republican presidential hopefuls

Tonight was Samantha Bee's premiere of her new Monday show on TBS called "Full Frontal," and man, did she open with a bang. Bee didn't do any interviews, but focused on targeted segments of political lunacy with her added hysterical commentary. Variety's Brian Lowry writes:

Bee delivered a promising and pointed debut, demonstrating that when it comes to political satire, she can sting with the best of them.

After she roasted some of Bernie and Hillary's campaign shenanigans, she turned her eye towards the real prize.

Bee:...because then the Republicans laid out a banquet of all you can eat crazy.

She started off with the winner of the Iowa Caucus, Ted Cruz, and left no stone unturned.

Bee: OK, so Iowans chose fist faced, horse shit salesman Ted Cruz, as their new prize heifer.

That was only the beginning for Ted.

Next up was the bubble boy, Marco Rubio. After he used his son as a campaign prop she said:

Bee: Ohhh, look at that. Marco Rubio has finally found a way to look like the big boy in the room. Hey, you know what, Ted Cruz has somehow managed to reproduce. Maybe he can use his child to make him seem more personable.

Then she ripped into the opening debacle that was the ABC News GOP debate in New Hampshire, that got screwed up because Ben Carson didn't hear his name and the moderators were clueless as well.

Moderators: Ladies and gentleman, the republican candidates..

Bee: There's three empty podiums!

Donald Trump forgot to bring his nouns to the debate. Tremendous, something, frontrunner, good, not suck.

And Rubio, ohhhh Rubio. he showed up at the debate all but wearing his likely nominee crown and it took Chris Christie all but ten seconds to crush hi like a bug!

There's plenty more to love.

It's so good to see Samantha Bee back in action. I only wish that it aired as a daily show!

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