Fox’s Extremist Sheriff Clarke Suggests Protesters Should Be ‘Hit First And Hit Hard’


Fox regular, Sheriff David Clarke, of Milwaukee, inserted himself into Trump protests in Arizona and New York, urging, “reasonable force by law enforcement” and also “law-abiding citizens standing up for their Constitutional right. … I’m not encouraging them to start the fight but I’m one of those that comes from the school of if a fight is inevitable, hit first and hit hard.”

This is at least the third time this week we have caught Clarke weighing in on Fox News about Trump protests outside his jurisdiction and with inflammatory language that sounds like someone looking for violence, not trying to keep the peace. On March 12, Clarke said the protest in Chicago should be "crushed" and called the protesters "goons" who "need to be silenced." Two days later, Clarke was on Hannity, urging Donald Trump not to try to "ramp down" emotions but to keep his supporters at "a fever pitch."

This morning, Fox & Friends host Tucker Carlson discussed today's protests by saying Clarke has some special knowledge about these protesters more than a thousand miles away from Milwaukee. Carlson let us know we should hate them right in his introduction when he described them as “protesters in favor of illegal immigration” and, according to Clarke, are “not who you think they are.”

Clarke got right into his inflammatory, partisan hate mongering. It was quite a spiel from someone who is supposed to serve and protect all people regardless of their beliefs.

CLARKE: The daily press has misidentified them from the beginning and they do so intentionally. The liberal mainstream media’s nothing more than a propaganda wing for the Democrat Party. I identified these individuals for who they really are well over a year ago. I call ‘em anarchists. It’s a conglomeration of misfits. You have rowdy juveniles, you have criminals, you have cop haters, you have university students, you have organized labor and there’s a spattering of well-intentioned people who are being used in this and put out front to put on a good face.

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This is a dangerous movement. It is a totalitarian movement. We should not soft-shoe this. They only understand one thing, Tucker, and it’s force. And I’m talking about reasonable force by law enforcement but I’m also talking about law-abiding citizens standing up for their Constitutional right and not have their Constitutional rights trampled on at these rallies. I’m not encouraging them to start the fight but I’m one of those that comes from the school of if a fight is inevitable, hit first and hit hard.

How you hit first without being the one to start a fight, I don’t know. But Carlson didn’t question it. Nor did he question how a sheriff of Milwaukee County, appearing on Fox from Nashville, knows so much about protesters in Arizona and New York.

But Carlson had not a challenging word and, at the end, said, “Sheriff, it’s great to see you this morning. Thanks a lot for joining us.”

Watch this disgraceful behavior from a sheriff and a news host above, from the March 19 Fox & Friends.

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