One black racist wasn’t enough for poop truther Sean Hannity to discuss the racial tensions on some college campuses. And even with two, he barely let the one guest on the side of protesting students speak.
November 14, 2015

One black racist wasn’t enough for poop truther Sean Hannity to discuss the racial tensions on some college campuses. And even with two, he barely let the one guest on the side of protesting students speak.

Hannity began by seeming to join the poop truthers, i.e. the conservatives who pretend that a police-documented incident of someone drawing a swastika with feces on the University of Missouri campus didn’t happen. Hannity said at the beginning of the discussion, “There are questions about whether some of the reported incidents are true.”

Hannity began the discussion by asking Kevin Jackson, one of the two designated African American black attackers, to “bring us up to date with what’s really happening.”

Jackson is not a reporter. His “analysis” seems to consist of writing blog posts such as “Let universities burn.” But Jackson hates blacks and liberals and that seems to be all the qualifications Hannity cares about.

Jackson began by claiming that the swastika made of feces found on Mizzou was “an old picture that has been circulating on the internet for over a year.” This, despite the fact that the conservative Daily Caller published the police report in which an officer said he saw it.

Hannity did not correct Jackson. Instead he turned to the other African American black attacker, Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin. Clarke gave no indication he had ever set food on Mizzou but that didn’t stop him from knowing what’s what on almost all campuses.

CLARKE: These aren’t protesters. This is an insurrection. This is a rebellion. It’s pretty obvious to me that not much learning activity goes on in many of these colleges and universities across the United States.

…These are tax-supported schools. …The taxpayers ought to stand up and demand that their money stop being spent to fund these laboratories of liberal indoctrination. No wonder we end up near the bottom now in international scholastic competitions.

…The only discrimination that people should be railing against in these colleges and universities are these programs that discriminate against white and Asian students in favor of less-qualified black students for entry into the university. That’s something that has served its usefulness and that sort of discrimination is what should end.

The third guest, attorney Eric Guster, kept trying to argue on behalf of the Missouri students but Hannity didn’t want to hear it. Guster called out Hannity for letting “super conservative people run on, Sean, and you always try to put me in a box.”

Well, I’m glad Guster spoke out. But really, it’s not just a matter of not letting him talk, it’s Hannity’s blatant effort to race bait and demonize African Americans. Even if Guster is not familiar with Hannity’s long, terrible record on race, there was enough in this segment to call him out on it.

Hannity’s next question was, “Are we building a grievance mentality among kids?” As if Hannity and his Fox pals don’t foster grievance every day. But, laughably, Hannity began boasting that some of his best acquaintances have been black civil rights leaders. “I lived in Atlanta. I knew Hosea Williams. I met Andy Young and interviewed him and Joseph Lowery and Hosea Williams,” Hannity said. “These guys put their lives on the line for real civil rights here. Is this the equivalent of what they did?”

“If these were the people leading the civil rights back in the 60s, we’d probably still be on plantations,” Jackson said, apparently forgetting that the civil rights movement was in the 1960s, not the 1860s, when blacks lived on plantations. “These are the weakest group of individuals I’ve ever seen and they’re an embarrassment to blacks,” Jackson added.

Then Jackson went back to poop truthing. “I would be willing to bet you that the incident probably didn’t even happen.”

Again, Hannity didn’t correct him.

Watch it above, from the November 12 Hannity.

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