April 7, 2016

Well, a former GOP staff came out and said publicly what we all already know - voter ID laws are specifically designed to suppress young and minority voters, i.e. typically Democratic leaning voters.

Todd Allbaugh, a former GOP staffer, was there when the legislation was conceived. He decided to leave the Republican Party after witnessing the discussion about how the GOP could effectively reduce the number of eligible voters. For example, Todd's current employee, Mikey Vega went to get a Wisconsin state issued ID. His California license was not accepted. He needed a birth certificate or passport, both of which he did not possess at that time. The GOP plan worked and Vega, a young minority, was prevented from voting in the primary.

Allbaugh had previously served as Chief of staff for Senator Dale Schultz. He said that during this plotting, I mean *planning* meeting, the other Republican legislators seemed "giddy" to make it harder for minorities and college students to vote.

He said "there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever what the intent of that bill was...it was voter suppression." It was why he quit the party.

Unfortunately, some of the candidates aren't doing a good job hiding their glee at the results of voter suppression, as shown by a little snippet of an interview with Rep. Greg Grothman, who seemed excited during the interview with TMJ 4 News that photo ID is now required. Gee, I wonder why.

So all you young folks and minorities - plan for lots of running around, have 7 different documents proving your identity on you, blood samples, your mother's maiden name, her birth certificate, proof of residency via cable bill (lease not applicable), ability to recite at least 5 fox news anchors names, and make sure you say your favorite food is cheese. Otherwise, in the voice of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi - "NO ID FOR YOU!"

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