May 13, 2016

I want to stop writing about Donald Trump, but the stories keep please enjoy today's edition of "Insanity with Donald Trump"

The Washington Post got their hands on audio from a 1991 interview that a "John Miller" did with Sue Carswell of People Magazine. John Miller was supposedly Donald Trump's "publicist" at the time, although it is clear to anyone with ears that it is actually Trump HIMSELF pretending to be someone else.

From his unmistakable accent to his bizarre, broken, overly adjective laden way of is clearly Trump. Some of the phrases that gave him away:

“He’s coming out of a marriage, and he’s starting to do tremendously well financially.”

“He’s a good guy, and he’s not going to hurt anybody. . . . He treated his wife well and . . . he will treat Marla well.”

" And once his divorce is finished, if you noticed since then he’s doing well financially and he’s doing well in every other way."

Carswell was so convinced that it was Trump himself that she played the recording for Cindy Adams, New York Post gossip columnist and good friend of Trump himself. Her response? “Oh, that’s Donald, what is he doing?” Then Carswell played that tape for Marla Maples herself who also confirmed that it was Trump. Huh. Interesting.

In 1990 Trump actually admitted in a court hearing, on the record, under oath that he did in fact use that fake name by saying “I believe on occasion I used that name.” He also has admitted to using the name "John Baron" early on in his career when calling reporters. Huh, but now, no recollection. So he committed perjury? Or he is lying now? Or he is lying all the time? My guess, option C.

Today, Trump did a phone interview with the Today show and was confronted with this audio and adamantly denied it, even though 25 years ago he actually admitted it was him. Here is some of the transcript of today's denial/admission/deflection:

"Savannah Guthrie: Mr. Trump, good morning to you. Not sure if you have been made aware of this Washington Post report that's out this morning, but they have obtained a recording with a voice of someone that they say is in fact you, someone who's pretending to be a PR person. This is from 25 years ago, let me play a portion of the tape for you.

Savannah Guthrie: On this tape, the person on it talks about his dating exploits, goes on about his divorce, things like that. I guess the simple question this morning, are you aware of the tape, is it you?

Donald Trump: No, I don't think it, I don't know anything about it. You're telling me about it for the first time and it doesn't sound like my voice at all. I have many, many people that are trying to imitate my voice and you can imagine that and this sounds like one of these scams, one of the many scams. Doesn't sound like me.

Savannah Guthrie: The Post says that you acknowledged a couple decades ago that that in fact was you but it was a joke.

Donald Trump: I don't think it was me, it doesn't sound like me. I don't know even what they're talking about. Have no idea.

Savannah Guthrie: The Post also says this is something you did rather routinely, that you would call reporters and plant stories and say either you were John Miller or John Baron, but in fact it was actually you on the phone. Is that something you did with any regularity?

Donald Trump: No, it was not me on the phone, it was not me on the phone. And it doesn't sound like me on the phone, I will tell you that and it was not me on the phone. And when was this, 25 years ago?

Savannah Guthrie: In the early 90s, but.

Donald Trump: Wow, you mean you're going so low as to talk about something that took place 25 years ago about whether or not I made a phone call. I guess you're saying under a presumed name.

Savannah Guthrie: Yes, under a presumed name.

Donald Trump: Okay, the answer is no, and let's get onto more current subjects, I mean, I know it's wonderful for your listeners but I think we have more important things to discuss."

The irony? Trump has taken to bashing Hillary Clinton for an affair her husband had, oh, 20 years ago. So that is fair game? A husbands affair? But impersonating a fictitious person in a completely sociopathic way to get positive press is off limits? Personally, I am more concerned with someone that can blatantly lie non stop about insane things after admitting to them decades before than someone who was cheated on.

Trump's consistent lying, flip flopping and sociopathic behaviors should alarm all voters, not just Democrats who are trying to keep him out of office. If he had just laughed about this today and said "sure, I was pranking the reporter" we would have thought "hmm that's odd" but moved on. But to flat out deny it when the evidence is glaring, that is not acceptable.

Who is the real Donald Trump is the question? This is the best of the GOP? Really?

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