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Ben Carson Admits Evangelical Leaders Don't Care About Religious Values By Supporting Trump

Ben Carson proclaimed evangelicals aren't looking for a "preacher-in-chief" but a real leader. So they went with a reality TV star.

Donald Trump met with almost a thousand Evangelical leaders yesterday to try and convince them that he's one of them.

Dr. Ben Carson joined MSNBC's Morning Joe program earlier today and was asked by the co-host why evangelical leaders were lining up behind Trump.

SCARBOROUGH: Dr. Carson, I want to circle back to yesterday's meeting again and have you help us out, help everybody out in explaining what evangelicals and people of faith are looking for in 2016. You obviously have in Donald Trump, in the Republican nominee, a man who's not well versed in the Bible, who's not well versed in the books of the Bible, who's not well versed in the traditional Christian faith, and yet you have evangelicals that are lining up behind him. Can you explain to viewers why that is?

Any honest person knows that Trump has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to religion and never cared about it before he ran for the presidency.

Dr. Carson responded to Scarborough this way.

CARSON: Yes, I think the evangelical community realizes we're not choosing the preacher-in-chief, we're looking for the commander-in-chief. But we want a commander-in-chief who understands the importance, for instance, of the first amendment and - and not penalizing people for living according to their faith.

They want a commander in chief who understands the sanctity of life, who understands the importance of the family and how the family is the basic unit for a strong society. So those are the kinds of things that -- that they're really looking for, not necessarily somebody who can quote verse and chapter of the Bible.

To think that Donald Trump is a true commander in chief is mind boggling. HRC has been an outspoken Methodist her entire political career. She's also not been divorced many, many, many times. Eck..why bother.

It would have been ground breaking if Evangelical leaders actually got behind somebody that's qualified to be president and tried to work with them instead of following a racist buffoon. The religious right had a chance to break out from their role as a typical republican special interest group, but instead are making a mockery of themselves.

Digby caught one of those attending the meeting that said by supporting Donald Trump, the Christian Right has come to an end.

This meeting marks the end of the Christian Right.

The premise of the meeting in 1980 was that only candidates that reflected a biblical worldview and good character would gain our support.

Today, a candidate whose worldview is greed and whose god is his appetites (Philippians 3) is being tacitly endorsed by this throng.

They are saying we are Republicans no matter what the candidate believes and no matter how vile and unrepentant his character.

They are not a phalanx of God's prophets confronting a wicked leader, this is a parade of elephants.

In 1980 I believed that Christians could dramatically influence politics. Today, we see politics fully influencing a thousand Christian leaders.

This is a day of mourning.

At least there was one honest person at that event.

ABC News tweeted how the religious leaders were paid off by Trump.

Interesting they don't seem to mind posing in front of Trump's Playboy cover. That tells you all you need to know about the deal they made with this devil.

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