June 10, 2016

In last week's episode , "The Broken Man," we found out that the Hound was still alive and helping a Septon to build a shrine until all of his friends were murdered.

Jaime Lannister began his siege of Riverrun and Queen Margaery seemed to be play acting her devotion to the "Seven."

Jon Snow was having a problem recruiting the Starks old banner-men and Arya was gutted by Waif.

[Spoilers Below]

Like last week, "No One," was another transitional episode that wasn't great if you compare it to Game of Thrones standards, but it still was interesting.

It was good to see the Mountain dole out a little punishment to one of Lancel Lannister's compadres when they tried to abduct Cersei by force and take her to the High Sparrow. However, even if Queen Margaery is not enthralled with the Seven, it appears King Tommen is since he just outlawed "trial by combat" in Westeros because it was a way for the high born to elude punishment.

Who knew that Missandei would get drunk and tell a joke at the urging of Tyrion, the corrupter! Since Lord Varys leaves Meereen to go to Westeros, Tyrion is lonely and turned to Grey Worm and Missandei to cheer him up. What a trifecta that is.

He was very happy that his deal with the Lord of Light was restoring peace to their city - except - until the Masters came by way of sea and began an assault on their giant walls.

Unknown to Tyrion and the Unsullied was that the Mother of Dragons had conquered the Dothraki until she flew in to their chambers on Drogon's back and turned her dragons on the enemy fleet.

Back at Riverrun, it was great meeting between Lady Brienne and Jaime. You could see the love they have for each other, although Jaime's is much more platonic, he still loves her dearly.

Edmure Tully is released by Jaime, after a negotiation of sorts takes place, and since he is the true Lord of Riverrun, he orders his men to lay down their arms and surrender the castle, which they do.

All except the Blackfish, who would rather die now than give up his ancestral home, but before he meets his fate, he helps Brienne and Podrick escape to Winterfell on a skiff.

The Hound tracks down the men that killed his friends and finds they are ready to be hanged by Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarion for killing all those innocents and besmirching the Brothers without Banners, good name.

He agrees not to chop them up as long as he can be the executioner on two of them. I'm not certain, but I think he's been recruited by the Brothers to fight the oncoming White Walker war.

And finally, after Lady Crane helps nurse Arya back from the brink of death, Waif shows up, fulfills the contract by killing Essie Davis and then turns to dispatch Arya as well.

After another chase, Arya, used the cover of darkness that she became accustomed to during her time in blindness to lure Waif into a trap, and take her visage to hang on the walls of the Many-Faced Gods.

When Jaqen H'ghar found the bloodied skin and Arya he said, "Finally a girl is no one." Arya replied, "A girl is Arya Stark from Winterfell, I am going home."

* Did you notice the parallel's between Cersei and Tyrion's decision to turn to religious fanatics to help them govern and both times it turned on them.

* I'm going to miss Brynden Tully. I wish he could have helped his niece take back Winterfell.

* Missandei's joke: "Two translators are on a sinking ship. The first says, do you know how to swim? The second says no, but I can shout for help in nineteen languages."

(Sorry, I'm under the weather today, but I did the best I could. Please forgive any mistakes I've made and feel free to correct them in the comment section.)

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