July 29, 2016

Greg Jarrett, filing in for Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum on Fox's America's Newsroom, addressed the cavalcade of America's military Generals who appeared together on stage to back Hillary Clinton at the DNC. Jarrett, who once credited Roger Ailes for recovering him from the throes of alcoholism, is a fine person to call into question the moral turpitude of anyone, much less someone of Hillary Clinton's stature. Republicans' flaws are forgivable. Democrats? Not so much.

To lend credence to the Trump-ian claim that it's okay to disparage the knowledge and experience of the highest-ranking officials in the world's strongest military, Jarrett engages the help of Reagan's Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, from 1982-1985, K.T. McFarland. McFarland, too, was unfazed by those high-ranking military brass backing Secretary Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, in part because she works for Fox "News."

Just a reminder, Trump said he knew more about ISIS than all those generals combined.

JARRETT: For those who accuse Trump of epic hubris and there are many who do, is that boast the line item more than the generals? Is that going to be something that that may haunt Trump; especially as Clinton ramps up the TV ads that are sure to exploit in a mocking way?

MCFARLAND: You know I think she's this is not a place where she should go because if you look at Hillary Clinton's foreign policy record, of which there is enormous and a lot of evidence that it wasn't very successful at all; in fact, every single one of her foreign policy positions was a failure. For her to somehow criticized Trump's, as yet unknown foreign policy and it was a mistake.

Asked what she makes of the generals backing Hillary Clinton, McFarland goes full concern troll and projection (emphasis added):

MCFARLAND: Isn't it just so sad when everything has become politicized even the military's become politicized? It's like her saying, 'my generals are better than your generals and he said no my generals are better than yours, right?'

All I can do is go back to four years ago and Barack Obama stood on the stage and eight years ago when he stood on the stage of the Democratic National Committee, and he was surrounded by his generals and his senior officials as if to say this is a blessing. He's going to be a great foreign policy president, but look what happened. He's been the worst foreign policy present in a generation, so I'm not sure having a bunch of generals behind you really makes you a great potential president for foreign policy.

No, a Fox "News" analyst whines that everything has become so politicized right before politicizing foreign policy. Saner candidates in the past knew better than to criticize the President of the United States on foreign soil, not so the Talking Yam.

And sure, Dubya and his Dark Lord, Darth Cheney were just phenomenal foreign policy gurus, whose war crimes are hardly even quantifiable anymore. The selective 2001-2009 amnesia of GOP pundits is a mental illness that has yet to be cured.

Both Jarrett and MacFarland made it a point to exonerate Bush/Cheney for any instability they may have created in the Middle East. The Status of Forces Agreement signed by Bush and insisted upon by Iraqi leaders was, apparently, supposed to be ignored by his successor. The creation of ISIS and the like is squarely set on the shoulders of President Obama and his first term Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. This is, apparently, not even open for debate. Her final proclamation is, of course, the go-to line on Fox about Iraq:

MACFARLAND: He (GWB) turned over a stable Iraq to Barack Obama
What did Obama do? He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Maybe Fox News will have enough money left from their sexual harassment lawsuits to buy a clue about actual US History. But don't hold your breath.

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