Seditious Ted Nugent Pretends That Obama Wants A Race War
Credit: Facebook
July 12, 2016

Right off the bat, let's define a word that is not commonly used, in fact, I've never heard of it before today. Ephebolphiliac: an adult who is sexually attracted to adolescents. It is mandatory to have knowledge of this abnormal trait, because it's relevant to a person who calls our own President an 'evil man.'

Ted Nugent, spokesman of NRA death merchants and friend to stars of the 'religious Right' like Mike Huckabee, admitted. in a 1998 documentary, that he enjoyed having sex with underage girls.

This Conservative hero obtained permission from young girls' parents, and, well, you know the rest. Today, this sickening behavior would earn him some serious time in the slammer. But that wasn't enough to keep Willard Romney from gleefully accepting his endorsement in 2012. Willard's cult has its own ephebophilia problem, no need to revisit that.

His disgusting behavior is becoming more appalling. descending deeper into depravity every day. At this tumultuous time, Nugent couldn't contain his hatred for a now-deceased Minnesota man who was shot by a police officer. The Black man was in the process of explaining that he was a concealed carry holder and the cop ignored him. Ol' Ted had nothing but disgust for the man, simply because of his skin color; that's because he's proud to be a bigot.

From Media Matters:

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent reacted to the police shooting of Philando Castile and the mass shooting targeting police officers in Dallas, TX, by claiming President Obama wants to start a race war and by smearing Castile with an unsubstantiated report that he may have carried out an armed robbery.

Nugent made the claims during a series of Facebook posts on July 9. Reacting to the July 7 mass shooting in Dallas, TX, where a gunman reportedly angered by recent police shootings of African-Americans opened fire during a peaceful protest, killing five police officers and wounding seven more, Nugent claimed Obama wants to start a race war.

To ensure maximum exposure, the semi-literate, seditious creep took to Facebook, which is the premier source of Teabag information acquisition (news); it's not just where people pretend their lives are blissfully perfect, as you likely know. He spells about as poorly as he grooms himself, which is par for the course, among our friends on the Write Rite Right.

Fabricating horrors about an unjustly murdered Black man is typical of a racist monster like Nugent. The politically outspoken 'rocker,' who many on the Right refer to as a 'patriot,' is putting inflammatory words in his own President's mouth, trying to incite more violence in this bullet-riddled country. He is adding much more insult to injury, not caring how many people could suffer when they are inspired to act upon his misinformation. The murder of law enforcement officers has been summarily denounced by the president, yet Nugent perpetuates the lies of fifth-rate investigators who work for that awful Rupert Murdoch as the truth?

The Motor City Madman irresponsibly cites the ravings of a discredited gun-nut reporter from The New York Post. We have ample evidence of Nugent's libel and slander against a sitting president, but to make things worse, Nugent claims that Obama actually SAID that all cops are racists and he (POTUS) needs to stop? That of course is patently false. He legitimizes the libelous drivel from John Lott, the investigator with a sad history of disgrace, and for that, Ted really should be tried for treason and charged with attempting to incite a riot.

What will actually happen as a result of Ted's recklessness? Perhaps he may get a raise from the NRA, or he may enjoy some extra fees from Republicans for appearances. Can you imagine if a 'Leftist' star said anything like this during the Bush Administration? The Dixie Chicks can probably tell you what would happen, and it would be anything but lucrative.

The bizarro-world occupants of Ted's GOP work tirelessly to flip anything and everything that is wrong with the world into their version of RIGHT. Lest anyone forget, it's Republicans who find a person of Nugent's moral fiber to be laudable. Of course they do, look who they chose as their Presidential nominee.

Editor's note: nowhere in Nugent's rants does he acknowledge that Philando Castile was lawfully exercising his Second Amendment rights. So tell me again how this is about the 2nd amendment and not race? - Karoli

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