August 17, 2016

Poor Sean Hannity. His thin, little skin just can’t take being criticized on national television – you know, the way he has made millions doing to others.

As I previously posted, this morning, Hannity went after Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources show, after he ripped Hannity as “unpatriotic” and “not interested in the truth” for unquestioningly promoting Trump’s baseless attacks on our election system and smears of Hillary Clinton’s health.

But whereas Stelter kept his criticism of Hannity professional and dignified, Hannity smeared Stelter and CNN, saying, “That’s the type of coverage that CNN offers in this presidential race as they literally kiss Hillary Clinton’s ass and Obama’s ass every day.”

It's rather ironic, as I also noted, given that Hannity has become such a Trump shill, even conservatives are blasting him.

This afternoon, Hannity went after Stelter again while cozying up to his second-best BFF, Donald Trump, Jr. From the Media Matters transcript:

HANNITY: Yeah, the Clinton news [CNN] -- they have this little pipsqueak, so-called media critic, and his show is “Unreliable Liberal Media Matters Sources,” and it’s sort of like the Media Matters show. And you’ve got Brian the stenographer Stelter, doing the bidding of Jeff Zucker, and so—they literally have a professor from the Kennedy School of Journalism, who calls your dad a demagogue and says “well, demagogues, if they’re elected, that usually leads to dictatorship,” and the guy never questioned him.


HANNITY: It’s sort of like this little pipsqueak, Brian the stenographer for Jeff Zucker—unreliable Media Matters sources, over at CNN—you know, lecturing me because I raised a question about Hillary’s health, how dare I question that? Or how dare I point out that it’s a little odd to me that 59 districts in Pennsylvania in 2012, not one vote for Romney. 59 districts, I’m sorry, but that seems odd to me.

Hey, Hannity, that “little pipsqueak” has obviously burrowed himself under your skin.

Listen to the whining below, from the The Sean Hannity Show, via Media Matters.

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