September 2, 2016

The Republican Party has a funny knack for offending people who are not of the traditional WASP ilk. The post mortem following the defeat of the GOP in the 2012 campaign had the reverse effect of what the findings recommended: Republicans seem to offend this growing segment of the U.S. population more than ever, and have only hurt their appeal with these people, specifically the Hispanic voters.

The report simply stated:

It does not matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if Hispanics think we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies.

Trump's Latino surrogate and apologist, Steve Cortes, appeared on All In, guest hosted by the incomparable Joy Reid, to explain away Trump's complete 180° as evidenced by two speeches he made on the same day. If you analyze Trump's unusually deferential speech in Mexico City, in front of Mexican President Peña Nieto, and compare that with the hardline Hispanic immigrant-loathing speech made a few hours later in Phoenix, AZ., it is clearly a tale of two Trumps.

Cortes has no problem with Trump's duplicitous insincerity, and his choice of words exacerbate his appeal towards potential Hispanic voters. Undocumented immigrants, save the children brought here without ability to consent, are referred to as 'illegals.' Joy isn't too happy with his offensive language.

JOY REID: Hold on a second. Let me stop you right there. Let me stop you just one second. I'm going to stop you right there. You are Hispanic, Steve. Are you comfortable with that term, "illegals?" That is a pejorative to a lot of people. Why do you use that term?

STEVE CORTES: You know why, Joy? Because words matter, OK?

REID: Can you do me a favor? Steve, just, while you're talking to me, can you not use that terminology? But go on.

CORTES: No, I will not do you that favor, because the English language matters. It matters that we use terms that are -- they are illegal, they're here illegally. We can't get over that. My father came here legally.

REID: My parents came here as immigrants too, Steve. You know what, my parents came here too, so congratulations on that.

CORTES: Millions of Hispanics came here legally, so no, I'm not going to agree to your terms and use code words, that's absurd.

REID: You just used a code word.

Steve insisted that it's only natural that Trump would be one way in front of President Peña Nieto and totally transform into his usual self: a bigoted bully who appeals to the lowest common denominator, only when he's in front of people who adore his bigotry and brash, tough talk.

JOY REID: If he feels so strongly about Mexico building his wall, why didn't he have the guts to say that to President Enrique Peña Nieto's face?

CORTES: I think because he's a very decent and polite person...You don't go as an invitee of the host and get into every detail particularly meddlesome details like who's going to pay for the wall. They are getting to know each other.

Joy brings up the disparity in the two men's account of the private discussion they had prior to the photo op appearance. She reminds him what President Peña Nieto said, repeatedly on Twitter: Mexico will not and would NEVER pay for this wall.

REID: Either Donald Trump is not telling the truth about the conversation they had or he didn't have the courage to respond to the President of Mexico that he is going to try make Mexico pay for the wall.

Steve thinks that Trump isn't scared of anyone or anything, and Joy's inference is absurd. However, it's obvious he confuses brash bullying with courage, knowing that one has nothing to do with the other. Cortes describes the visit as 'Presidential' and praises Trump's decorum and statesmanship. So, Trump's omission of the truth regarding the meeting with the foreign leader is not really a big deal because... decorum. Get it?

CORTES: ...You don't go down to Mexico City and lecture them on your very first meeting.

For the win, Joy concludes the interview:

REID: You just do it when your in front of your crowd. That's a very interesting way to conduct yourself. Steve Cortes, thank you very much. (cutting him off)

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