Putin's congratulatory telegram certainly shows a happy Kremlin, and Trump owes them a lot of 'special favors.'
From Russia, With Loathing
Credit: Walyou
November 9, 2016

Can anyone imagine the horrors that we are in store for after his inauguration, based on how blissfully ignorant we were when Bush was appointed President in 2000? Doubtfully, no, and that's probably best for our mental well-being right now. But how insanely short is the American memory? We remember Reagan and how we were taught to hate Socialism and Communism, but somehow we are okay with our new POTUS being besties with a Russian tyrant, a former official in the KGB? Yes. That is exactly what's going on here.

We never imagined 9/11, the US Government advocating for torture and other war crimes, Citizens United. We couldn't. Unfortunately, those uncharted waters now seem like a tranquil pond when you compare the Bush Administration to Tyrannical Typhoon Trump. Donald's unholy alliance with Vladimir Putin is especially awful because he's hardly an ally of this country, and the degree of influence is limitless it seems, thanks to his MASSIVE financial entanglements with the world's best bankruptcy filer/POTUS we've ever known.

But America is okay with second chances, and this POTUS has a chance to exponentially destroy our financial well-being, making the whole 'Big Short' recession seem like a $5 loss at a casino. Perhaps at Trump's Castle or the Taj Mahal, before all the bankruptcies killed Atlantic City, and the American dream for so many people. Will the concept of a quadrillion dollar loss become the norm during the Trump years?

Donald's BFF Vladimir sent the newly installed Puppet/I'm Not A Puppet his well-wishes.

(The) Kremlin said Putin sent Trump a telegram of congratulation, expressing "his hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state."

At a meeting with ambassadors earlier Wednesday, the Russian tyrant...

mentioned "we aware that it is a difficult path, in view of the unfortunate degradation of relations between the Russian Federation and the United States."

Sounds like he's not the problem. We are. Just like he told Trump to tell us, remember? Not a puppet. Not a puppet.

A mural in Lithuania, one of the coveted Baltic States. Credit: FiveShoutsOut

Perhaps they'll call it, Thanks Obama/Blame the Black Guy Diplomacy. Here's Putin absolving himself of any responsibility for the state of our current relations with Russia:

"It is not our fault that Russian-American relations are in such a state."

It's never your fault, that goes for both Trump and Putin, neither are ever accountable for their mistakes. No autocratic narcissist ever is.

We know, through ex-campaign manager and mobbed up millionaire, Paul Manafort, (who has been seen hanging with figures like Ferdinand Marcos and Viktor Yanukovych) that there's been 'tremendous' business conducted between unsavory Russian oligarchs and the Trump Cosa Nostra. Trump is indebted for countless sums of money as many rubles/dollars have flowed from the Trump group through these Russian money men who are some of the world's foremost financiers of terror.

These are financiers without any ethics, who order commercial planes to be shot out of the sky for the hell of it, or perhaps for a show of force. What better way to annex The Ukraine to be a part of Putin's new and improved empire than killing innocent people, right? Yet Putin claims to detest ISIS, but behaves indistinguishably, sadly.

We must not forget what these people will do without batting an eyelash. The second Malaysian airliner that 'vanished' (temporarily) also killed 298 people when it (MH 17) was mysteriously shot out of the sky, to the horror of the world.

A Dutch-led investigative team found phone calls that: showed pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine requesting that the surface-to-air missile system be delivered and reporting its arrival from Russia, and that witnesses described seeing the Buk missile system in transit to the rebel territories. Shortly after the missile was fired, the Buk system was reloaded onto a truck and taken back into Russia.

Russia behaves much like a rogue state. Their once and future leader is a also a rogue, a tyrant who kills with impunity. He is revered by our POTUS elect. Trump won the election as a Republican, the same party that proudly nominated St. Ronald Reagan. In the 1980's, Republicans would be aghast if Reagan was ever caught playing footsie with our mortal Cold War enemies. But these are not the same Republicans. These are what has evolved from years of cutting funding for preventing lead in pipes and flammable tap water and education. These are your racist Trump voters, aka Today's Republicans!

Does anyone remember Syria, and how that could have easily escalated into WW III? Trump voters don't remember much more than 10 Second Tom so why bother, right? It sure feels that way today.

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