Fox News' Favorite Black Bigot Calls Charlottesville ‘A Left Creation’ And ‘A Joke’
August 20, 2017

Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson ignored the murder of anti-racism protester Heather Heyer in Charlottesville last week and insisted that white supremacists are being oppressed by anti-American leftists.

Jackson regularly appears on Fox News in the role of what I call “African-American black attacker.” In other words, he’s there specifically to make racial attacks on blacks but because he is also African American, he supposedly inoculates Fox News from charges of bigotry.

Just how racist is Jackson? He has said, “America needs a white, Republican president” and has also called for a white, Republican mayor of Baltimore – on Fox News – as a solution for Blacks Behaving Badly.

Today, Jackson tried to smear anti-racist protesters in Boston as thugs threatening the “free speech” rally attendees. And I have to say that while I criticized her just yesterday over comments about Charlottesville, anchor Melissa Francis did a fine job here.

JACKSON: Any time the right decides they want to get their message out, you’re gonna find the left, who call themselves tolerant and wanting to hear the other side, shut down the other side of the argument.


Quite frankly, America’s sick of it because the reason why we find ourselves in the predicament that led to Donald Trump’s election is because they won’t allow conservatives to have free speech.

Francis interrupted to say that the Boston rally had ended early but it had not been shut down as a result of any threats from the anti-racism protesters.

Jackson couldn’t dispute that point, so he argued that there could have been a threat. That paved the way for his first suggestion that white supremacists were the real victims in Charlottesville.

JACKSON: Well, what I’m getting at is, there’s always the threat of such a thing. When the left organizes, there’s never a threat. We don’t care, we want their policy positions to get out.

But even the threat of it. And what is it coming on? It’s coming on the heels of Charlottesville, Virginia, which, quite frankly, is a joke. Everybody talks about there being two sides to this argument. This is a one-sided argument.

Francis noted that Boston had looked like a very peaceful rally with a huge turnout. She later said, “What we saw today is a lot of what our country is about. One group wanted to come out and exercise their right to freedom of speech, they did that, they were allowed to do that, they left peacefully. Another group who wanted to come out and express their point of view, came out in enormous numbers. Everything went by largely peacefully and now it’s dispersing.”

But Jackson was not to be deterred in his smearing of anti-racism protesters as dangerous thugs.

JACKSON: We can look at this in the microcosm and say congratulations, Boston didn’t blow itself up and burn itself down like Ferguson and the many other places where the left tends to dominate, but the fact of the matter is, to even have to worry about this nonsense is ridiculous.

Jackson asked Francis to “name me one time where the left has had any type of a protest where there was a threat of violence from the right that was of any significance.”

Before he had finished speaking, Francis shot back, “Charlottesville.”

The other guest, Democrat Pablo Manriquez, said off-camera, “Selma, Alabama.”

That got Jackson going with his Charlottesville conspiracy theorizing again.

JACKSON: If we want to talk about Charlottesville, let me explain to you that is a left-creation. And it is a farce that we are even talking about it and putting it on the right. It’s disingenuous.

Francis interrupted.

FRANCIS: Kevin, how can you say that when the whole thing was started as a white supremacist rally where there were white supremacists and KKKs showing up to protest the taking down of that statue?

That brought out the full-blown conspiracy-theorizing from Jackson.

JACKSON: We had supposedly all these various group who got miraculously on the same buses, originated in the same place and when you dig into this deeper, we’re going to find out that there’s some malfeasance behind this that involves the left.

I don’t care if the KKK wants to protest something. Statues coming down don’t affect black people in any way. It’s an absolute nonsense we’re even talking about this in any true discourse because of Confederate statues. Confederate statues haven’t bothered anybody black in decades. Black people walk by those statues every day.

Francis interrupted again. “That’s not true,” she said. “That’s absolutely not true. We saw a lot of people who have said those statues were offensive to them.”

Jackson seems to have joined the far-right conspiracy theorists who have been promoting Charlottesville as some kind of false flag, liberal plot.

Yet Jackson keeps getting booked on Fox News as some kind of credible pundit. Why do you think that is?

Watch Jackson take a stand on behalf of white supremacists below, from the August 19, 2017 America’s News HQ.

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