August 7, 2017

Jason Chaffetz, the congressman from Utah who quit soon after Trump took office, joined FBN's Mornings with Maria to whine that Mitch McConnell and the Senate took a few weeks off for August recess.

Host Sandra Smith turned to Chaffetz and said, "I was watching when Blake Burman I started his report saying 'it's like a ghost town around here,' I saw you shake your head."

Chaffetz replied, "It’s infuriating, I mean, Mitch McConnell went out in July and touted that the Senate was gonna stay in the session through the end of this next week, and yet they adjourned early."

He continued, "And then when you have 12 legislative days on the calendar, going through September, and you have to go through the long list you just highlighted — how do you go home and justify? The problem is Republicans are not on the same page.”

This is from a man who QUIT Congress, mind you.

Chaffetz went on whining.

He said, "The budget was supposed to be done in March!" He was very testy now.

"Do you know of any company anywhere in the world where if you didn't have the budget done in you're in August, it was due in March, would you say, well, let's take a few weeks off? There's no excuse whatsoever! And Mitch McConnell, if you can't, if you can't follow through on your promise, to stay and work through the end of this week and you say 'well we're going to cut out early,' how do you do that? How do you justify?"

How dare McConnell not come through!

Chaffetz sure loves slinging arrows now that he's out of the Congress.

Lee Carter jumped in and discussed Trump's very bad approval ratings, "But they're not talking about Congress' which has been dropping like, you know, a lead balloon here, it's under 20, that is because of things like this, they're not working for the people --

Chaffetz, "I don't know how you justify 20."

Chaffetz should know why their approval ratings are horrid since he was part of Congress until June 30th.

What a hypocritical fool.

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